ПетроKазахстан : Corporate social responsibility


Corporate social responsibility

PetroKazakhstan Company operates according to the principles of corporate social responsibility (CSR) arranging its operations in compliance with international standards, laws, and in harmony with government and society. 

The observance of CSR principles is a priority not only for the company management, but for its every employee.

Social responsibility 

The basis of PetroKazakhstan's social responsibility is ensuring work safety for company employees, protection of employee health through a medical insurance system, development of human resources through development and training programs, and environmental protection through implementation of an integrated management system. PetroKazakhstan recognizes its entire social responsibility to the population of Kyzylorda and South Kazakhstan regions, i.e. regions where it operates, and its employees live and work.

PetroKazakhstan is one of the major sponsors in Kazakhstan. The company has developed and implements a uniform policy on charity and sponsorship aid to vulnerable social groups, and support of culture and arts, educational projects, health care and sports. 

In addition to traditional social and charity programs in the regions, the company signs memorandums of social and economic cooperation with the administrations of South Kazakhstan (SKO) and Kyzylorda regions every year.

During the time of its operation in Kazakhstan, the company donated tens of millions of US dollars for sponsorship and charity projects.