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Honoring of PetroKazakhstan Scholarship Holders
24 August 2009  .

scholarshipIn the Students’ Palace of the Korkyt-Ata KSU a ceremony of honoring of thirteen finalists of the PetroKazakhstan Scholarship Program for Kyzylorda Oblast has taken place.


Future students of the China Petroleum University, Kazakh-British Technical University and Kazakhstan Institute of Management, Economics and Strategic Planning received congratulations and wishes of success from Advisor of the Kyzylorda Oblast Akim Yerzhan Uaiys, Vice-President of Human Resources and Administration of PetroKazakhstan Xin Zhonglin and Director of the Korkyt-Ata KSU International Cooperation Department Timur Kenshibayev.

The PetroKazakhstan Scholarship Program for Kyzylorda Oblast was created with the support of the Akimat and was launched in 2005. The initiative was based on the idea to help the talented young people of Kyzylorda Oblast obtain a top-quality education and to create a reserve of top professionals for the company and the republic. A high level of candidates, openness and fairness of the selection process are fundamental principles of the program. It provides for an opportunity to take an internship and to enter into a five-year employment contract with PetroKazakhstan Company after graduation.

Vladimir Vorobyev/Kyzylordinskiye Vesti (Kyzylorda), No.128 (16811), 25.08.2009

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