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He is Happy That Was Born on the Oilmen’s Day
27 October 2011  .

In early September PetroKazahstan widely celebrated Oilmen’s Day that concurred with the 25th anniversary of Kumkol industrial development. It is noteworthy to emphasize honors and attention not those given to the company, but substantial assistance provided by the company to people of the Land of Syra. PKKR aided war and labor veterans, disabled children and orphans, and children from underprivileged families while implementing a number of social projects on the year of the 20th Anniversary of Kazakhstan’s Independence.

Representatives of PetroKazakhstan Kumkol Resources launched another original project. Last week, a new region-wide campaign was arranged. Infants born on the Oilmen’s Day, September 4, 2011, were given a KZT 25,000 check. This had been organized jointly with Children Foundation of Kyzylorda. Regional health department provided the exact names and addresses of newborn. It is noteworthy that about 50 children were born on this day in the Land of Syra.

Region’s westernmost village, Sekseul, was the first en-route of PKKR Representatives. Here the second son in the family of Alpysbai Tanirbergenov and Gulsayran Aytbayeva was born September 4 this year.

The grandfather told that the young family had recently had housewarming party, and another happy event was the baby. This was a great fortune, so they decided to name the baby Kuanysh, which means “joy”.

“We received a phone call today, and heard that we will have guests from PetroKazakhstan. Needless to say, a pleasant surprise. We are very happy and thank the representatives of the oil company. Let PetroKazakhstan Kumkol Resources be growing and thriving!”

To everyone’s delight, Husain Sarsembayev, PKKR Public Relations Manager, took a congratulatory letter signed by Mr. Fang Jiazhong, Chairman of PKKR Board, and read it aloud to the parents of Kuanysh, gave a KZT 25,000 check and clothing gifts.

“I work with the local branch of Kazakhtelecom. I’m struck dumb with surprise, honestly, I did not expect this,” said amazed Kuanysh’s mother, Gulsayran. “I thank PKKR management and staff. Congratulations to oilmen on their anniversary and 20th year of Kazakhstan’s independence. I wish you all happiness and prosperity!”

The next babies who have received gifts from the oilmen were the newborn of Aral district. The second son named Rakhymzhan was born in the family of Kenes Kaniyev and Kenzhekey Zhubatova living on 67, Konayev St. Family members were lavish in their thanks to PKKR representatives.

“Your act deserves respect,” says Rakhymzhan’s grandmother, Ainash Zhubatyrova. “I am the mother-heroine, gave birth to and raised 13 children. I am now 75 years old and retired. I’d like to express great appreciation and gratitude to the oilmen on behalf of all mothers of the Land of Syra. Let the Almighty grant you joy, let all the families live happily! I believe that this gift was the first destined blessing for my grandson.”

At 24, Medetbaev St., a tiny baby-girl Munira Tanabai received her gifts. Guests became a great surprise for her mother, Sabira Aidaraliyeva.

“I am grateful for such a heartwarming visit,” said Munira’s mother. “Only truly generous and kind people could have come from far away to give their greetings. Thank you for your congratulations, gifts, care and attention. I wish that you meet same honorable and grateful people in your life! I had no idea that my daughter’s birthday coincided with oilmen’s holiday. Thank you! And my greetings to the oilmen with the anniversary date! I wish you all the best!”

Kazaly district babies were the next to receive greetings. A daughter named Zhannoor was born in the family of Serik Zhalmagambetov and Mereke Kanaliyeva on the Oilmen’s Day. PetroKazakhstan Kumkol Resources representatives presented gifts and wished good health and happiness to the baby.

“Thank you very much for your visit,” said grandfather Zhusipbay to the guests. “Thank you PetroKazahstan! I wish stability and growth, success and development to the company. Let your children always be surrounded with care and attention! We didn’t expect such a surprise!”

September 4, the fifth child, a sweet baby-girl Aknur Tagybergen, was born in the family of Kaztugan Utemissov and Zhemisgul Nagashybayeva. Taken aback by surprise elderly grandparents thanked the guests by saying the traditional “bata” blessing.

The oilmen’s campaign continues. Next week, they are going to visit other districts in the oblast. It is curious, but true that zero additions to the families were registered in Zhalagash district on September 4.

Alibek Baishulenov

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