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PetroKazakhstan Oil Products Supports Young Students
28 October 2011  .

One of the best schools in our area, Altynsarin school No. 65, celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. It is also 170 years birthday of the pedagogy founder, Ybrai Altynsarin. These events have been officially celebrated by the school staff.


At first, the guests visited a students’ works exhibition and a museum. Hobby groups’ exhibition is worth of praise also. Clay works were particularly overwhelming. Sewing and embroidery made by girls were catching the eye. According to the household teacher, Aiman Saudagerova, students are greatly interested in arts and crafts. School conference hall had been decorated as well.

At a gala concert entitled “The Independence Wind is Blowing for 20 Years”, Janat Tazhiyeva, Chief of the Municipal Education Department, mentioned that the school has overcome 20 milestones, congratulated the school staff that has educated a series of brilliant students, and presented the Letter of Appreciation from the city Mayor Arman Zhetpisbayev.

A performance about the life of Altynsarin opened the evening. Theme of the enlightener’s life who opened the first school in the Kazakh steppe continued the theme of Kazakhstan’s Independence.


Audience liked the kids’ sincere performance. Applause made it evident.


It is known that the school is rich in singers. This is a great merit of the music teacher, Rosie Amirina. Her students are Balausa choir and Rauan A capella. They sang “Tugan el”, “Ustazga tagzym” and “Mekteb” songs.


Young akyns Yskak Dauren and Shahizada Ulzhalgas performed a comic song competition, and the school folk instruments orchestra played “Konilashar” and “Ata tolgaui” kuis.


Vice-chairman of Nur Otan Party, Halyima Zhantoreyeva, a special guest of the festival, said that a teacher is the most demanding profession in the world. She continued her speech by telling that it is not easy to reveal all abilities in kids and prepare them for adult life. School No. 65 teachers are widely known both, in the oblast, and around the country, for not only giving knowledge to children, but also fostering creativity in them. The proof of this has been today’s wonderful evening. These talented kids will be able to show themselves on the big stage in future. She handed Nur Otan Party diplomas and gifts to the principal of the school and the best teachers.


The concert was attended by outstanding citizens and sponsors. Petro Kazakhstan Oil Products PR Manager, Gulaykhan Emberdiyeva, congratulated teachers on the holiday.


“Our company has a number of social projects dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the country’s independence. We have tremendous respect for school 65 which has been our partner for several years. Many citizens had been educated in that school. We enjoyed the concert today. It turns out that there are a lot of talented boys and girls in the school. We are happy that this House of Education and Creativity is known for its talented students not only across the region, but nationwide.” said Gulaykhan Emberdiyeva.


We were able to talk with the school’s principal, Katira Kadyrbayeva, in between the performances.


“You remember that there were very few Kazakh schools in the beginning. To fix this, new Kazakh schools were opened across the country, and grammar school No. 65 was one of these. The teachers had to start trading on the markets not being paid salary for months. We started hiring graduate university students at that time. And now they have grown into experienced teachers. At first, underachievers, problem kids studied along with best pupils in our school. Thanks to our teachers’ efforts our students have achieved great success at studying, sports and cultural activities. We have students who were winners both, in the regional and nationwide competitions. There are those who had shown their abilities abroad. Over 100 students are Altyn Belgi holders and 25 students study under Bolashak program abroad.


“We celebrate the 20th anniversary of our school in parallel with the 20th anniversary of independence. We arranged the best essay and singing contests among pupils. And do not forget about demonstrative lessons and cultural activities. We would like to thank our sponsor PetroKazakhstan Oil Products for giving joy to our students constantly. This company has been providing sponsorship of USD 15 thous. annually. Our school has been ranked among the country’s top 100 schools for the last five years, and I believe we will bring up many other well-known and highly moral students. Being named after the educator Altynsarin is honor for the school. We have many plans and projects. We will achieve great heights with our experienced teachers, because we realize that raising children is a matter of national importance.” said Katira Kadyrbayeva.


In fact, the school has a long history of success and achievements. By the way, Zhazira Zhapparkul, the weightlifter who won the first gold medal at Singapore Junior Olympics also studied in that school. Students of this school win prizes at Akbota national intellectual marathon, Bastau math competition, and international competitions such as Kangaroo, Golden Fleece, the Russian Baby Bear, and the English Bulldog. The school’s singers and actors rarely leave creative competitions without awards. National seminars are held at the school. There are various hobby groups on declamation, music, fine arts and crafts due to the status of a humanitarian and aesthetic grammar school. Pupils love singing, arts, and are good at literature. Our students have been winning prizes many times.”


Thanks to these achievements the school became the best school in the region in 2009 and received a special Akim’s prize.

Specifically, there are many attributes that may serve as an example. Everyone became the witness of the unity and solidarity of a tight-knit personnel during the 20th Anniversary of Independence, 170-Anniversary of Ybyrai Altynsarin and the 20th anniversary of the school celebrations. President of Ybyray Altynsarin Foundation, Tana Konyratpayeva, expressed her appreciation to the school’s administration for the high level of conducting educator’s anniversary upon watching the theatrical performance staged by talented kids. We became witnesses to celebrating three important dates at once. According to PKOP PR administrative manager, Erken Zhumadil, a series of events have been scheduled by the 20th Anniversary of Independence. Mr. Zhumadil made a serious contribution to make the school’s celebration a worthy event.
“We are close friends with Altynsarin school No. 65. After all, educated youth is our future. We strive to improve the school’s material and technical basis for pupils to receive good education. We have renovated the school hall, classrooms, purchased musical instruments and training manuals. We help other schools as well. The company pursues the goal of serving to the society and instilling in young people confidence in their future. We are committed to helping veterans, athletes, and talented young people. And we will sustain this trend.” said Erken Zhumadil.


School is a ship, knowledge is the sea. Parents are grateful to school 65 staff who dive for the precious pearls from the bottom of that sea for their pupils. They are sure that their children are in safe keeping.

Gabit Saparbekov

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