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14 October 2010  
Turnaround Shutdown of the Shymkent Refinery
PetroKazakhstan Oil Products TOO advises that the Shymkent Refinery will be shut down as scheduled for a 30-day period.
29 September 2010  
The construction of the Kyzylorda-Kumkol motor road has completed.
As a result of the completed construction, accidents on this part of the motor road have been minimized and work was completed in due time within the available budget.
06 July 2010  
Mr. A.A. Karibayev the President of the PetroKazakhstan Oil Products Company.
The extraordinary meeting of PetroKazakhstan Oil Products TOO's participants appointed Mr. A.A. Karibayev the President of the Company.
05 April 2010  
Ontustik Kazakhstan (Shymkent), # 48 (18856)
An Expedient Memorandum Signed
During the meeting social projects planned for implementation in the Corporate Social Responsibility framework, were discussed.

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