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29 October 2009  
Opening new opportunities together
fundraising campaign to establish and equip small tailor-shops in Shymkent
19 October 2009  
Shymkent Refinery Turnaround
PetroKazakhstan Oil Products announces a 30-day turnaround of its Shymkent Refinery.
04 October 2009  
KIOGE starts with football game
the football match on PetroKazahstan Cup has taken place between joint PetroKazakhstan team and mass-media teams.
27 September 2009  
“Golden Prometheus” for Care about Environment
More than 30 employees of PetroKazakhstan received certificates of honor and letters of thanks devoted to the 110th anniversary of Kazakhstan oil.
21 September 2009  
Golden Cup from KTZh
at the International Exhibition “TranzitTransKazakhstan 2009”, which was arranged by Kazakhstan Temir Zholy NC AO, PetroKazakhstan Company was awarded with a golden cup

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