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Training and retraining

PetroKazakhstan offers its employees both professional and individual training and development to ensure better productivity and to ensure the Company achieves its production objectives; and also to improve the skills employees need to perform their work safely, reliably and effectively.

Staff training is an investment to the future of a company. Capital investment in professional development helps create a favorable team climate, increases employee motivation and loyalty to company, and ensures management succession.

Using annual results of personnel performance planning, appraisal and development, as well as production requirements and any changes in the production process (including the implementation of new techniques, the development of new projects to improve employee qualifications and skills), the training department offers all PetroKazakhstan units training in health and safety, environmental protection; guarantees the reliability and improved abilities of managers, supervisors and other company employees.

Professional development has a positive impact on employees themselves. By improving qualifications and obtaining new skills and knowledge, employees see new career growth prospectives. This is especially important in today’s rapid development of technology and production processes.

The mission of all PetroKazakhstan training department units is to help the business flourish and increase the prosperity of the company by training and developing personnel. The main stages of personnel training and development include:

• defining training objectives in accordance with the Company’s mission, business objectives and key competencies;
• identifying strategy in personnel training; identifying training requirements;
• defining short-term and long-term training goals;
• choosing types of training that rely on objectives and economic feasibility: inter-firm training, training with outside providers;
• creating an annual training budget and forecasting costs for the coming years;
• searching for and selecting providers, holding talks and drafting service agreements;
• organizing the training process within internal training frameworks, sending employees on training to training centers;
• assessing the effectiveness of training.


Internal company training is carried out directly on the company’s premises by engaging leading Company specialists as instructors. This form includes providing technical training in various professions (on mandatory basis once every three years), training for a second profession, and various targeted courses.


Training with involvement of external providers. Over the years the PetroKazakhstan training and personnel development units have built effective long-term relations and worked with training centers that provide manager and specialist training services. Our Russian partners in this area include the Gubkin training center, the Bauman institute of vocational training under MSTU, Neftekhim, SAP-CIS and Baltic Countries, IT Academy, the Institute for the oil and gas business, the North-West Training Center, the Mendelyeev Moscow Chemical Association, the Ufa institute of continuous education, the Perm state technical university and others.


In Kazakhstan the relevant institution is the Almaty institute of energy and communications, KIMEP, the international academy of business, the Kazakhstan oil and gas industry training center, the ABS Training Center, Accountancy Tuition Center LLP, SoftLine, the informational and analytical center for environmental protection, the ALSI training center, the institute of professional accountants and auditors, the KAPUR center for ecological education and careers, the institute of directors, the Renaissance agency for communicative management, the Almaty center for banking training, the Kazakhstan scientific training center of non-destructive testing and technical diagnostics, Central Asian Personnel Consulting, the Kazakhstan institute of vocational training in technical regulation, metrology and others. Language and computer courses for PKOP employees continue to operate.


PetroKazakhstan helps the country’s universities and colleges train new employees for Kazakhstan industry. This help involves providing internships for teachers and students in the industry.

Another achievement of PetroKazakhstan in the training area is its annual grant programs:

PetroKazakhstan Scholarship Program in the Kyzylorda Oblast. Annual grants are given to young people residing in the Kyzylorda Oblast so that they can obtain bachelor degrees for the most demanded specialties in the company from Kazakhstan’s higher education institutions (Kazakhstan-British Technical University, Kazakhstan Institute of Management, Economics and Strategic Research, Kazakh National Technical University after K.I. Satpayev) and from those in China (Chinese Petroleum University).


Correspondence training program for company employees. PetroKazakhstan values its employees highly and supports their aspirations for constant training. As part of this program, upon achieving preliminary agreement, the company provides financial support to employees on training programs in higher education that are recognized and accredited by the Ministry of Education, and also to those studying in post-graduate correspondence courses.


Employees Dependent Children Scholarship Program. As it recognizes the value of higher education, PetroKazakhstan provides its employees’ children with financial support in the form of covering tuition fees.