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Geological exploration and assessment

All the activity of “PetroKazakhstan” company on exploration and production is performed at the territory of 12 000 km2 in South-Turgai basin in the south of Central Kazakhstan. As a rule, productive zones of company fields are located in relatively small depths – from 760 to 1830 m, and some of the recently drilled wells have reached productive layers at the depth from 2300 m to 3550 m. Oil bearing layers of “PetroKazakhstan” fields have high porosity and high permeability level, the oil in it is light, sweet with density of 37º to 44º on API scale and sulfur content less than 0,4%. These favorable characteristics allow “PetroKazakhstan” to developing its fields, to produce and process oil at low costs. 

In 2019 “PetroKazakhstan” plans to invest $32,8 mln.USA for geological exploration with a drilling plan for 22 exploration and appraisal wells. 

Expected incremental oil reserves in 2019 as a result of geological exploration are 500.0 thous.ton.

In Ketekazgan field, while drilling of the well #18 at the foot of the west slope at the depth of more than 3000 meters, a powerful gas reservoir of accumulative type was discovered, associated with carbonates and formed as a result of underwater alluvial cone. Gas reserves are estimated at 2 billion m3. This territory is one of the perspective objects for future geological exploration. 

A new field was discovered in East Karavnchi stage at the depth of 1000 meters in Paleozoic deposits, containing several independent dome-shaped arcs.

The next direction of the Company is a search and discovery of small scale fields around the opened wells. They are called as satellite fields. This proves the drilling of the well #53 at local elevation to the south-west of Karabulak field. As a result, oil reservoir was discovered, associated with sinkholes.    

Presently the Company concludes a new contract for hydrocarbon exploration for a period of 6 years until 2022 with the Ministry of energy of RoK. The plan contains the drilling of 3 wells, conducting 3D seismic for 120 km2. Investment is $3 mln.USA.