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"PetroKazakhstan Oil Products" LLP (PKOP) is an oil refinery located in Shymkent, Turkestan region. Built in 1985 the refinery is the newest one among the three Kazakhstani refineries. The refinery accounts for around 30% of the total volume of oil products produced in the RK.

PKOP produces several grades of top-quality gasoline and diesel, fuel oil (mazut), jet fuel, liquefied gas, industrial gas flake sulphur.

"PetroKazakhstan Oil Products" LLP produces:

  1. Liquefied petroleum gas for household use: grades BT and SPBT, ТР EAEC 036/2016 compliant with GOST 20448-90 standard.
  2. Motorcar gasoline: AI-92-K4/K5, АI-95-К4/К5 gasoline CU TR 013/2011, GOST 32513-2013 and TU 38.001165-2014.
  3. TS-1 jet fuel, compliant with CU TR 013/2011 and GOST 10227-86.
  4. Diesel fuel: DT-L-К4/K5, DT-E-К4/К5, DT-Z-К4/K5 compliant with CU TR 013/2011, GOST 32511-2013 and GOST 305-82.
  5. Fuel oil (mazut) 100, fuel oil (mazut) 40, compliant with CU TR 013/2011 and GOST 10585-2013.
  6. Industrial gas flake sulphur compliant with ST RK 2442-2014.