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Gas utilization program

Environmentally safe utilization of associated gas is of high priority for PetroKazakhstan. On June 15, 2006, the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources of RoK approved "PKKR’s" Gas Utilization Program and Company was among the first to implement projects aimed at efficient utilization of associated gas. 

The Gas Utilization Program solves a number of major environmental problems: eliminated unorganized combustion and gas emissions with mechanical burns, evaporation of light oil fractions to the atmosphere reduces the risk of oil spills and soil contamination, as well as improves substantially the industrial fire safety, implementing a program for the utilization of gas, our company uses electricity as a result of utilization.  At the Kumkol field, "PKKR" JSC operates a gas-turbine power plant with a total capacity of 102 MW.

In Aryskum and Kyzylkiya fields, the associated gas is injected back into formation, thereby maintaining formation pressure. Part of the gas is used to generate electricity from gas piston plants, and this generated power is used for oil production.