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Social projects

“PetroKazakhstan Kumkol Resources” – is a socially responsible company, actively involved in development of social sphere of region, as well as in all charity and sponsorship actions carried out in Kyzylorda region.

One of the priorities for "PKKR" is to increase the efficiency and the social importance of charitable and sponsorship activities aimed on improving the welfare of community and the development of social infrastructure. The main criterion of this work is targeted assistance. Special attention is paid to long-term programs, support for vulnerable people, children, war and labor veterans, disabled persons, health services, facilities of sports, culture and art.

Starting from 1998, the company supports and since 2001 fully funded rehabilitation center for disabled children "Shapagat" in Aiteke bi village of Kazaly region.

Also, since 2001 a 50-seat kindergarten "Balgyn" for children from low-income families is on full supplies of company (funds for child nutrition and garden maintenance), as well as orphans of public fund "Baldauren" in Zhanakorgan region.

The company also supports the Children’s home, secondary school №2 "Murager" and the Children's village family type "Atameken" for orphans and children left without parental care (the former Children's Home after Makarenko).

In 2011 within the framework of the 25th anniversary of industrial development of Kumkol field has sponsored the regional children's hospital in the amount of 150 000 US dollars for the medical equipment purchase.

Construction of children's village family type "Atameken" for orphans and children left without parental care was started in 2014 in Kyzylorda within the framework of cooperation Memorandum in the socio-economic development of Kyzylorda region between Akimat of Kyzylorda oblast, AO "PetroKazakhstan Kumkol Resources", TOO "Kolzhan" and  "PetroKazakhstan Ventures Inc.» branch for project «SOS-Kinderdorf». In June 2015 Children's Village was put into operation. 3.0 million US dollars or 550.0 million tenge was transferred from AO "PKKR" and 100.0 million tenge was transferred for logistics support from TOO "Kolzhan" according to Memorandum to Corporate Fund "Igіlіk" for design and construction of children's village family type. Children's Village – is a cottage village family type for pupils of orphanage №1, consisting of eight two-storey residential and one administrative buildings. Currently, in children's village live 57 children, aged between three up to 18 years but it is possible to place here up to 80 people. In each house live 7-10 children. In the village work and help to pupils to make the first steps into adulthood 25 employees.

In 2015-2016 AO "PKKR" acted as one of the sponsors of the draft of republican values "Design and construction of Kazakh National Academy of Choreography building in Astana" in the framework of an agreement between the China National Petroleum Corporation and the Ministry of Culture and Sports of RoK . For realization of this project AO "PKKR" allocated 31.6 million US dollars.

Annual traditional charitable projects of the company:

- Event for New Year and Nauryz on distribution of food packages to 150 company pensioners, workers were injured in workplace and to families who lost their breadwinner. The product package includes essential goods - flour, macaroni products, rice, sugar, tea, oil.

- Celebration of the 1st of June - International Children's Day. Company is fully funded the holiday, buys 5,000 portion of ice cream and prizes for all children's competitions, organized by city's Education Department.  

- Prior to school year within the framework of "First-Grader" and "Road to school" events, the company distributes rucksack with complete set of school supplies to more than 300 children from poor and multi-child families.

- Help to veterans of war and labor. Providing free treatment in sanatoriums in Kazakhstan

- Since 2011 AO "PKKR" carries out the action "Caravan of Joy", in which more than 1,500 children of activists involved in various sports and entertainment events will be awarded by gifts (skateboards, photo albums, watches, toys). The action is carried out in five shifts in 8 children's recreation camps of regions and Kyzylorda city.

- More than 20 years systematically supported the local football club "Kaisar" and the Central Stadium after Gani Muratbaev as well as Kyzylorda Weightlifting Federation.

- Each year a group of companies "PetroKazakhstan" is actively involved in socio-economic development of Kyzylorda region and Ulytau district of Karaganda region.

Among organizations and institutions, which provided financial support by the company for implementation of various socially important projects: - Association "Tugan zher", youth public association "Syr ormany", Corporate Fund "Syr bolashagy", Public Association of Veterans-Geologists of South Kazakhstan. Sponsorship of exhibition "Pearls of France - French art and culture from the Renaissance to the present day", events dedicated to the 110th anniversary of Kazakh oil AO OC "KazMunayGas" and the 550th anniversary of the Kazakh Khanate of the Corporate Fund "Mangilik yel." Support for regional agricultural producers and etc.