24 August 2009  
PetroKazakhstan Scholarship Winners Got Their Diplomas
a ceremony took place to award the winners of the PetroKazakhstan Scholarship Program for Kyzylorda Oblast.
10 June 2009  
Kyzylordinskiye Vesti
Oilmen caring for children
Orphans and children from poor families enjoy the care of oilmen from PetroKazakhstan Kumkol Resources company on a constant basis.
08 June 2009  
Syr Boiy
Shapagat children receive care at all times
PetroKazakhstan people have paid a visit to children in the Shapagat Rehabilitation Center located in Kazalinsk District
04 June 2009  
Yuzhnyi Kazakhstan
Pond is Changing Its Location
PKOP strives for reducing its negative impact on the environment to zero; therefore it addresses ecological issues not in isolation from its operations, but on a constant basis.
04 June 2009  
Yuzhnyi Kazakhstan
The heart given to children
PetroKazakhstan Company does not need to be begged or asked to do good things. In the crisis situation it did not reduce its financing of social programs.
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