02 June 2010  
www.nomad.su (Kazakhstan)
Press Tour Around PetroKazakhstan Oil Fields
Kumkol field is just 200 km away from Kyzylorda. This is the axis of production of PetroKazakhstan Company. Annually, over 4 million tons of oil is produced here. After production the black gold is being separated from water and gas. Water is re-injected to keep the pressure, and gas is being utilized.

02 June 2010  
«Syr Boyi», «Khalyk»
PetroKazakhstan strives to take the lead
PetroKazakhstan Kumkol Resources organized a media tour of its production and social facilities based in the Kyzylorda and South Kazakhstan regions for representatives of several national, regional and city mass media last week.
01 June 2010  
Kyzylordinskiye Vesti (Kyzylorda), # 84 (16967)
Caring about the Region
During the tour the journalists got familiarized with the company production achievements, social programs in the scope of corporate social responsibility.

05 October 2009  
Zarina Pakhirdinova / Exclusive
Kings of black gold
Rating of Exclusive magazine

24 August 2009  
Kyzylordinskiye Vesti
Honoring of PetroKazakhstan Scholarship Holders
PetroKazakhstan Scholarship Program for Kyzylorda Oblast has taken place
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