According to the results of Y2018, production volume for the group of "PetroKazakhstan" company was 1,66 mln.ton of oil . As of May 01, 2019 actual oil production for the group of "PetroKazakhstan" company was 0,49 mln.ton of oil, at the annual plan of 1,27 mln.ton.

As of May 01, 2019, total well stock for "PKKR" JSC fields is 1130 units, of which operating well stock is 502 wells, 26 wells are in conservation, 306 wells are in observation stock and 219 wells are in injection stock, for "Kolzhan" LLP, operating exploratory well stock is 88 wells, for PKVI exploratory stock is 74 wells. The main well operation method, applied in company fields, is artificial lift with using screw sucker rod pumping units and electrical submersible pumping units.