А fire safety contest


The Kumkol field held a fire safety contest under slogan “It’s easier to prevent rather extinguish the fire”

Within the frameworks of celebrating the Day of fire safety employees on April 17, 2013 the Kumkol field held a fire safety contest named “It’s easier to prevent rather extinguish the fire”.

The purpose of this event was to improve the fire safety knowledge of PKKR AO personnel.  

In the contest consisting of five stages competed 13 company departments’ teams:

 Fire suppression using fire extinguisher. Relay race (3 х 50m=150m.). All participants run in the 50m race, where the third participant at finish puts out flame in a tray using a powder fire extinguisher.

• Fire suppression from a fire valve.   After giving start signal the team participants must reel the fire hose Ø 51mm in a double roll then connect one end with the fire valve, and the other with the trunk and lay along the length feeding water to the conventional fire.                                                         

• Knowledge of fire safety rules requirements. Each participant pulls a ticket with one question and answers within 2 minutes.

• Visions of perspectives of improvement in the issues of fire safety in business units.

   Homework. The team, in light of own visions, based on earlier made analysis of state of fire safety of shop/facility must make suggestions to the judges on its improvement.

• Creative stage on fire fighting subject.

Acting out episodes, songs singing or a story telling from life on fire fighting subject.

The contest was an engaging and stubborn battle of the teams, where each of them demonstrated good knowledge of fire safety requirements and ability to use fire extinguishing equipment.

At practical exercises, in first stage, the team of Shop of oil and gas production showed the best result (33, 39 seconds) who just a little fell behind from the employees of fire service (27,13) in the representative run. 

In second stage, also practical, the team of Main pumping station was second to none. 

Team performance in subsequent three theoretical stages was judged by three people from 0 to 5 points.

In demonstration of knowledge of fire safety requirements (in third, fourth and fifth stages) the best were the teams of Support services and Central processing facility where each collected a maximum of possible amount of points. 

But, as in any competition there is only one winner, so this contest determined its leader and prize winners.

In total by results of five stages of the contest, having collected the most number of points (118), first place and a challenge cup were awarded to team of Main pumping station consisting of operator pumping station 5 grade G. Ibrai., line pipefitter 4 grade R. Zhamishev and Instrumentation man 5 grade Zh. Dagarov.

One point less (117) falling behind the winner second place went to team of Technological group consisting of engineer-technologist N. Asanov, technologist A. Raymbekov and engineer of instrumentation LACT R. Kadyrgaleeva.

Honorary third place, with 112 points, deservedly went to team of CPF consisting of chief engineer K. Dosmukhambetov, operators of desalting and dewatering unit 3 grade Zh. Abzhalelov and V. Anikin.

About the heat of the battle for the leadership witnessed the closeness of collected points of the five of the strongest. So, difference in points between the teams placed 4th (Shop of oil and gas production) and 5th (Support services) was just one point, 111 and 110 respectively.

Award of the winner and prize holders with material gifts, diplomas and thematic cups was held by the chairman of judges/ director, field operations Bruce Anderson, and the members of jury the head of investigation department ESD in Kyzylorda oblast Maiskhan Ibrashev, and also the deputy of head state fire and rescue operations in Kyzylorda oblast Nursultan Ibragimov.  

Participation of the invited representatives of oblast ESD in the work of the judges and holding events on this scale once again confirms the dedication of PetroKazakhstan AO to its strategic policy in the issues of life safety and health of personnel.

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