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PetroKazakhstan is the largest employer in the regions of it operations. In 2010 the total workforce of PKI Group amounted to 3453 people, 97% of which were local employees.
The Company regards the training and vocational training of the staff as one of its priorities. Training strategy of PetroKazakhstan is aimed on realization and support of the short-term and long-term production objectives, as well as on involvement of the leading Kazakhstani and foreign universities, institutes and training centers.
PetroKazakhstan also has its own Performance Planning, Appraisal and Development Program (PPAD) which has been implemented to assess the potential of each employee; identify and ascertain which training programs it needs to realize that potential.
The management of PetroKazakhstan is aimed at complete compliance to the labor legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and also on the further fulfillment of all conditions of the Collective agreement. This includes providing more annual leave than legislation provides for; providing company pensions; paying funeral expenses, and also providing additional time off in specific circumstances; paying more maternity benefit than the stipulated amount; paying for health resort sessions; holding cultural and sporting events; paying bonuses for public holidays and personal jubilees, and also providing transportion.

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