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Mission and objectives

Company strives to be a model corporate citizen, provide value for our shareholders and the Republic of Kazakhstan, ensure employees’ health and safety, as well as environmental safety for the nature. We intend to fully unlock our growth potential using our shareholders’ advantages in technology, management, expertise and innovation by constantly increasing the performance of company management and its operations, promoting leadership qualities, developing employee qualifications.

PetroKazakhstan’s corporate strategy in the next few years is built on increasing and maintaining oil production levels, discovering new hydrocarbon reserves and replacing production with incremental reserves, increasing production of light oil products by improving the refining quality, and also ensuring the high levels of production safety.

In its business management PetroKazakhstan strives to harmonize relations between all the stakeholders: the government, company shareholders, its employees, contractors, business partners and local communities. Success of the company is underpinned by the combination of international business standards, regulations and procedures valid in Kazakhstan, and local features, as well as the technology and innovations of its shareholder companies, CNPC and NC KMG.

In its business, PetroKazakhstan sticks to the following principles:

Protect people’s health and safety and environment

Integrate health, safety, security and environmental protection into the day-to-day activity

Commit to sustainable development of the Company, the communities it operates in and the Republic of Kazakhstan

Company undertakes the following commitments in all its activities:

Comply with applicable state and local laws and regulations, Company policies, procedures and standards;

Apply internationally accepted best practices in the petroleum industry;

Prevent pollution effectively and control the environmental impacts of all Company activities;

Identify, eliminate or control potential risks for the health and safety of employees, contractors and communities.

Continually improve the HSE management system and HSE performance.

This Policy applies to all PetroKazakhstan work activities. Each of our employees and our contractors providing services to the Company has responsibility to work in accordance with these commitments

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