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1986 year

Commencement of industrial development of the Kumkol deposit in the South Turgai basin in the south of Central Kazakhstan.

1991 year

Hurricane Hydrocarbons Ltd. enters the Kazakhstan market as a partner in a joint venture that develops the Kyzylkiya, Aryskum, Maibulak and South Kumkol fields.

1996 year

Hurricane acquires Yuzhneftegaz along with a 50% stake in two joint ventures, Kazgermunai and Turgai Petroleum.

2000 year

Hurricane acquires Shymkentnefteorgsintez (SHNOS), which owns one of three refineries in the republic.

2003 year

The corporate name is changed to PetroKazakhstan Inc. so as to clearly reflect the company’s operations and country in which the company performs its operations

2005 year

PetroKazakhstan Inc. was purchased by CNPCI, a subsidiary of China National Petroleum Corporation

2006 year

The Company signs a Memorandum on Understanding with the transfer of a 33% share in PetroKazakhstan Inc. to NC KazMunayGaz. 

2007 year

on 6 July 2007, National Company KazMunayGaz acquired 50% of the PKOP stake as part of the agreement between CNPCI and KMG.

2009 year

the transfer of a 33% share in AO PKKR to AO KazMunayGaz EP completed.

2014 year

PetroKazakhstan Oil Products LLP started the implementation of large-scale Project “Shymkent Refinery Modernization and Revamping”, according to the State program of industrial and innovative development of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

2018 year

The processes under the Project “Shymkent Refinery Modernization and Revamping” were completed in full.

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