Arai-Sunrise children’s camp

“Arai-Sunrise” Children’s camp is very popular in the oblast. After the acquisition of the camp in a dilapidated state, the company did a tremendous job of reconstructing buildings and decorating the facilities on its territory. The birth of the summer camp was a turning point in the program for improving the younger generation of the oblast.

Thanks to the efforts of the Company, a new educational and upbringing program was created and implemented. Within its framework there were arranged economic, sporting and creative classes. Their goal – is to cultivate love of knowledge, abilities and skills of manual labor in an accessible and exciting way.

In order to implement this program on a competitive basis there were chosen creatively minded teachers with higher education, professionals with knowledge of child psychology. Later “Job center” was established on the basis of the camp, which has rapidly gained in popularity. Its aim was to give the children the basics of economic knowledge and relationships.

Implementing the requirements of the company, the Public Foundation of the Regional Center “Achievement of Young People” did a great job in the summer seasons until 2016, thanks to which the educational and upbringing work in the camp “Arai Sunrise” put on a very high level. In Y2017,  Public Fund “Meirim-Umіt” continued the tradition of organizing active and full-time of children.

There is more than twenty clubs work in a summer camp. Especially popular are the clubs of national utilitarian work. With a view to the revival of national traditions, way of life, culture, arts and crafts of the Kazakh people, such kind of clubs have been established in the camp as: pottery, carpet weaving, twinning, needlework – Syrmak, kurak korpeshe, wood carving, as well as folklore, where teach children to play on the old national instruments. Even workshops which educate children, located in a yurt, where children plunge into the national origins of creativity, handle and feel, having worked with the natural material, the spirit and identity of the Kazakh masters. Combining the art of our ancestors, and combining them with modernity there have been opened clubs: bead weaving, crocheting, soft toy, patchwork, modeling clothes and others. These modern societies contribute to the development of aesthetic taste in children.

Seeing a beautiful, transfuse the beauty of natural materials and the world around us are taught on clubs of fine art and sculpture. There they work with clay, plastilina, papier-mache, leather and straw, paint fabric in cold batik technique. Clubs help for harmonious development of a child’s personality and the identification of gifted children. Children love sport, music and dance like all of them without exception, and therefore, the popular clubs among children are togyz-kumalak, football, basketball, dance, folk instruments.

For the development of creative abilities of children, there were opened the computer and economic clubs, where children become familiar with basics of business, the art of presentation and possession of a pen. To prepare children for their future of journalism there was established children’s newspaper “Arai News», in which children with great pleasure publish their poems, articles and essays. In the most widely read newspaper of our camp, young journalists cover all holidays, express the wishes and remarks.

Year after year, step by step, there is a big, hard work to improve the material-technical base and improvement of education and educational programs. In particular, in 1999 the Company financed the computer equipment of the camp and the opening of the computer literacy circle. To the general joy of the children there was opened Puppet Theatre “Wonderland” in which they are studying an actor’s art. A significant contribution to the implementation of the overall camp program carried out Engligh language speakers   – US Peace Corps volunteers in Kazakhstan. There was opened a cinema “Cinema” . In addition, the camp was equipped with a radio room and modern audio and video devices. There were opened laundry room, the hygiene room for girls and sauna, meeting all sanitary standards.

In 2001, the Company sponsored the reconstruction of the old pool and outdated playground.    To make children feel in this world of fairy tales, by the efforts of teachers there were constructed fairytale decorative compositions – Robinson Crusoe hut, tent of Scheherazade, Little Farm, Winter Fairy Tale, Corner of the Jungle. National color of camp gave national Aul, in which colorful yurts wizards have settled.

To improve children’s health and a healthy lifestyle it is provided a number of sporting events. The most popular and colorful sporting event – the annual traditional football tournament among school children of oblast for the Cup of JSC “PKKR”. Its popularity and prestige of the tournament has grown to greater heights. For instance, at that time young football players turned famous ones of FC Kaysar (Kyzylorda) as well as the national junior and youth teams of Kazakhstan took part in that tournament.

A big job has been done in the camp  in terms of infrastructure improvements, including: 2002 – construction of water well,  2004 – completely construction of  power supply line in the camp, 2005 – installation of  fountain- waterfall “Mill” and tracery fence with a gate, 2006 – construction of checkpoint extension, fencing of the camp, an extension of the dining room in canteen, a new bathhouse, shower complex, 2007 – installation of  pump for water pumping out of the pool, 2012 – reconstruction of the water intake, the construction of an asphalt bypass road along the fence, the construction of housing block with warehouse facilities, 2013 – reconstruction of  football field, which laid out with artificial grass. In 2014 there was reconstructed a swimming pool – it is fenced with polycarbonate shields,  around the pool the area was covered with paving stones, installed toilet cabins  with flush toilets, running water and sewerage. There were reconstructed living blocks – replaced the roof of corrugated asbestos cement sheets for metal tiles.

In 2014 there was reconstructed a swimming pool – it is fenced with polycarbonate shields,  around the pool the area was covered with paving stones, installed toilet cabins  with flush toilets, running water and sewerage. There were reconstructed living blocks – replaced the roof of corrugated asbestos cement sheets for metal tiles.

In the new summer season of Y2017, beds were renewed with mattresses, and new musical equipment was purchased.

Meanwhile, a full and interesting life of children in Arai was and remains the subject of intense media attention. From the date of the second birth of children’s summer camp “Arai Sunrise” annually takes 1080 children and it is rightly considered one of the best children’s recreation camps in the country, Camp # 1,  while 50% are children from low-income families in the districts of the Oblast  and Kyzylorda city, orphans and left without parental care from boarding school No. 1 in Kyzylorda and Sayram boarding house in the South Kazakhstan oblast, children of the Ulytau district of the Karaganda Oblast  and representatives of the non-governmental sector, the remaining 50% are children of employees of the company and contractors. Since Y1997, summer in “Arai Sunrise” children’s camp has become the territory of a happy childhood for more than 20 thousand children. In Y2016  Kyzylorda children’s recreation camp “Arai Sunrise” celebrated its 20th anniversary.

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