A friendly soccer match between oil company’s employees and people’s deputies was held in Astana


A friendly mini-soccer match was held between PetroKazakhstan and Majilis companies in Almaty a year ago. The oil company’s employees won at that time. However, the deputies decided: they had to have their revenge match. So the oil company’s employees and people’s deputies met again at Astana’s Central Stadium last Saturday. Expectations of supporters were not let down. Neither weather nor players let down expectations. Both teams had famous players. Seilda Bayshakov, the star of the Soviet soccer and Master of Sports of the USSR, and Mikhail Gurman, a legendary player of the Kayrat team, played on the field that day. Wei Yuxiang, PetroKazakhstan’s president, said: «Today’s game is remarkable for two reasons. It is dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Kazakhstan’s independence. Our company promotes a healthy lifestyle at all times. It is a tradition for us. We pay particular attention to supporting team sports in Kazakhstan as part of our social policy».

«Today’s match serves as evidence that both PetroKazakhstan and Parliament pay significant attention to the development of sports. This game has become a tradition and it is great that it is held regularly», Yerlan Nigmatulin, a Majilis deputy, said. It has become clear from the very first minutes that this would be no easy game. Both teams wanted only one result – victory. Talgat Kairbekov who played for PetroKazakhstan scored the first goal. However, the people’s deputies seized initiative in a few minutes. They scored three goals in the first half-time alone. The match ended with a 5 to 2 score in favor of the Majilis team. The indoor soccer match was part of a general concept of promoting a healthy lifestyle and athletic spirit among thousands of employees of PetroKazakhstan, one of Kazakhstan’s the leading oil companies. Competitions in various kinds of sports are held regularly at all of PetroKazakhstan’s business units. Once a year the company’s employees come together in a grand celebration of sports – PetroKazakhstan Spartakiade.

/Damir Galiyev/

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