A list of information which shall be disclosed to the shareholders and investors as per internal documents of the joint stock company including information on resolutions taken by the Board of Directors:


The Board of Directors of “PKKR” JSC resolved to conclude a related party transaction on purchase of 100 (one hundred) percent of participation share in the capital stock of TOO “Trading House “PetroKazakhstan” by the Company, in particular: Agreement of sale and purchase of the share in the capital stock of TOO “Trading House “PetroKazakhstan” between the Company and “PetroKazakhstan Products Marketing Inc.” as per minutes of the Board of Director’s meeting No.6/1 dated December 26th, 2017.

This resolution of the Board of Directors of AO “PKKR” has been approved by the resolution of a sole shareholder and owner of voting shares of the Company No.106/1 dated December 26th, 2017.

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