Arai-Sunrise takes congratulations


“Arai-Sunrise” takes congratulations

This year the most exemplary children’s recreation camp “Arai-Sunrise” in region celebrates its 20th anniversary. In honor of milestone anniversary the camp has kept festive events, in which the representatives of state institutions and general sponsor – “PetroKazakhstan Kumkol Resources” took part.

The former pioneer camp “Arai” was very popular during the USSR. However, at the dawn of independence of the country it was among the many objects of pre-school education of the region was in a hopeless crisis. Local authorities were considering selling it to individual persons, then, it is quite possible that here it would raise cottages, shops, restaurants…  Well, the parents would have told children a fairy tale about once existence of the camp #1 in the oblast.

Fortunately for all, in 1996 the company “Hurricane Kumkol Munai” (now “PetroKazakhstan Kumkol Resources” JSC) has taken this complex under its wing. Oil men at their expense rebuilt and designed buildings and premises, constructed roads and front gardens and equipped with swimming pool and playgrounds and created excellent conditions here for the recreation of the school children. Children’s institution has received a new name – “Arai Sunrise”.

          – In one stream 180 children aged 9 to 14 years rest in the camp and 20 camp counselors work with them, – says a senior counselor of the camp Svetlana Alisheva, who works here since its foundation. – During the summer we held six streams, in the last one we traditionally gather young athletes from all regions of the oblast since there held an annual football tournament for the Cup of “PKKR” JSC.

         With the history of the revival of “Arai-Sunrise» starts realization of large-scale program for the organization of high-quality and meaningful leisure of the younger generation in the region. For 20 years children’s camp is fully maintained by “PKKR” JSC, which to this day is shown as free vouchers for the children of the company employees, school children from poor families, orphanages and boarding schools. The company has created and brought to life a new educational and disciplinary program, economic, sports and creative relays have worked. The children work with best creatively minded teachers with higher education, specialists with knowledge of child psychology, thanks to which educational and disciplinary work in “Arai-Sunrise” is put on a very high level. During 20 years more than twenty thousand children from different parts of the country rest in “Arai-Sunrise”.

          -More than twenty clubs work in summer camp, – says S. Alisheva. – Especially popular are the clubs of national decorative and applied work, pottery, carpet weaving, shii weaving, embroidery – syrmak, kurak-korpeshe, wood carving, folk, bead weaving, crocheting, soft toy, patchwork, modeling, clothes designing and others. These modern clubs contribute to the development of aesthetic beauty in children.

         Seeing a beautiful, transmit the beauty of natural materials and the world around us are taught in the clubs of the fine arts and sculpture. Here, they work with clay, playdo, papier-mache, and leather and straw, paint the fabric in cold batik technique. All children without exception love sports, music and dance and therefore, very popular among children became togyz-kumalak, football, basketball, dance club, the club of folk instruments. For the development of creative abilities of children it was opened a club of foreign languages, computer and economic clubs, where children are introduced to the basics of business, the art of presentation and ability to write well. To prepare children for their future journalism it’s created children’s newspaper “Arai News”, since recently children produced TV news. News outlet once every three days, so the school children are trying to do something special and original to get to the next release. After the end of the shift the children take the news with them in flash card home, and videos are not without pride, put on the Internet.

         There is a special watch in the camp that shows what the event will be celebrated today. For example, in the calendar – the Day of Kazakhstan, Valentine Day, Neptune day and many others.

          Resting in “Arai-Sunrise» for the seventh time schoolgirl Akpantaeva Lyazzat says that scenarios for the holidays in each shift are different.

            -Every year I learn something new, get useful knowledge, find new friends, – she says. – Time flies fast and very fun. Many thanks to “PetroKazakhstan” for such a wonderful vacation in the wonderful camp. Every year in “Arai-Sunrise» changes a lot, but everything – only for the better.

        Camp counselors tell about ability and desire of children.
          – Here we have wonderful conditions for children – varied five meals a day, exciting leisure, green coolness, clubs, plays, swimming pool, – says counselor Saule Shaykhislamova. – Children can only take an interest and discover their talents.

          -The children come from different regions, and they all like it here – echoed her counselor Altynay Tolegenova. – So many are asking her parents to spend once again the summer holidays in “Arai-Sunrise”.

          By the 20th anniversary vacationers children prepared a holiday concert with theatrical staging. A twenty-year history of “Arai-Sunrise» was clearly reflected in a musical sketch. Four small houses symbolized the anniversary date of the camp and Happiness entered each of them. Children in beautiful costumes made by counselors sang sonorous songs and performed lively folk dances. The concert confirmed that there are no untalented children. With the right approach that successfully make counselors of “Arai-Sunrise”, the result will not keep waiting.

          Deputy Chairperson of the Board of “PKKR” JSC Sufiya Daminova congratulated kids and gusts of the event on the anniversary date and in particular noted that in the year of the 25th anniversary of Independence of Kazakhstan “PetroKazakhstan Kumkol Resources” Company celebrates the 30th anniversary of the commercial development of the Kumkol field and the 20th anniversary of the children’s recreation camp “Arai-Sunrise».

          -Congratulations to all on the remarkable date – she said. – And thank children for the wonderful concert, you all are very talented. I hope that the skills that you have acquired here will be useful to you in life.

          Despite the crisis times for the oil industry, the Company “PetroKazakhstan Kumkol Resources” has not reduced maintenance costs of the camp. The company funds, as well as 20 years ago, allocated in full, so that school children could spend a memorable and wonderful holiday in our camp.
          A number of counselors of “Arai-Sunrise” camp was awarded letters of gratitude of the oblast department of education and “PKKR” JSC.

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