Celebration of childhood by PetroKazakhstan


Music and children’s laughter could be heard in the city recreational park from the very early morning of the 1st of June. It seemed that all children in the city were gathered in the park. Some of them were swinging, some of them rode the merry-go-round and some of them competed on bikes. «It is a pleasure to hear children’s laughter and to see their happy smiles. Children are the main heroes of the day. Our company bought 6,200 portions of ice cream for children, distributed presents among 500 children and gave 59 soft toys to children of kindergartens #5, 31 and 50. We held a Young Photographer contest and its winners received 14 albums with markers. Children from schools #6,235, 176, 211 and 233 participated in an athletic relay. Its winners also received gifts from our company», Khussain Sarsembayev, PR-manager of PetroKazakhstan Kumkol Resources, said.

The children of kindergartens #2,3,4,5 and others rode their bikes so fast! It was worth seeing! Over 500 children participated in various contests and athletic competitions. Nobody left without a gift on that day! «A big thank you to the oil company that they are not indifferent to us and that they give out presents every holiday. Let this company work long time in our region», a student of school #6, Ikhtier Berdibekov, said.

/Valentina Zhakibayeva/

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