Children’s Merry Day


Children’s laughter makes this world beautiful. From the faces of children one can understand how strongly or weakly social sphere is developed in a particular country. And giving joy to children is a good thing. Childhood Protection is Everyone’s Concern campaign has been launched by Women, Family and Demographic Policy Commission under South Kazakhstan Akim’s office and South Kazakhstan Center for Support of Women and Children Public Association supported by PetroKazakhstan Oil Products. The annual event took place in Erkin specialized nursery No. 32 this time.

The 20 years of independence party was brilliant. The event was attended by heads of Shymkent kindergartens and nurseries for disabled children, educators, parents, and, most importantly, children.

Janat Tazhiyeva, Chief of the Municipal Education Department, spoke at the ceremony. She noted that this year was special for the country. Every citizen of Kazakhstan should contribute to the celebration of Kazakhstan’s independence. On behalf of parents and children she thanked their reliable partner PKOP for regular support of educational centers. This year the company acquired refrigerators, washing machines, educational games for children, textbooks and computers for 20 kindergartens for children with disabilities. PKOP also purchased children’s furniture from Europe. She asked the company continue making its contribution to the country’s development in future. Ms. Tazhiyeva handed city Akim’s Letter of Thanks to the PKOP Chief PR Coordinator.

Children with various degrees of speech impairment attend Erkin nursery. There are 8 kindergartens for children with similar disability in the area. There are 11 boarding schools for disabled kids and 3 medical facilities for children suffering from neuropathy. All these institutions have been under the wing of PetroKazakhstan Oil Products. Kids who have received support, expressed their gratitude through the performance. Children from Nursat, Gaukhartas, Erkin, Aigerim, Akbota, Dostyk, Akkanat, and Shyngys kindergartens demonstrated their talents on a small stage. Looking at how children with physical disabilities danced, at their beautiful souls, it was evident that they are confident in their future.

“Children are our future,” runs the saying. Kids seeing care, proper training and examples of their teachers from childhood will become worthy citizens. Therefore, they need parental love and caring adults. PetroKazakhstan Oil Products has been implementing socially important projects and charity activities for many years. This year, the company has purchased equipment for 30 health facilities, and necessary appliances for 20 kindergartens, nurseries and homes for children with disabilities under Give Joy to Children initiative. The scope of such initiatives has expanded on the eve of the 20th anniversary of Kazakhstan’s independence.

“Our main goal is to contribute to improved health and living conditions of oblast population. I believe that our company fulfills these obligations perfectly. I’m amazed of children’s creativity. There is nothing greater than giving joy to kids. Therefore, such initiatives will be continued.” said Gulaykhan Zhakypbekkyzy, Chief PR Coordinator of PetroKazakhstan Oil Products.

Over 90 thousand people with disabilities live in the oblast, including 11,000 of young people under 16 years. Kids who have lost their health and had to endure hardships of destiny need uphold and financial support to find their place in the society. This is why participation in charity events is a very good thing for large companies. PKOP’s initiatives are worthy of praise, because the company has helped 500 families, 5 orphanages and 40 kindergartens in the last 7 years.

Children will be happy, if they feel support, and when they grow up they will take care of others as well.

Gabit Saparbekov 

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