Company’s Participation in KazEnergy 8th International Petroleum Forum and Exhibition.


On October 8 the company participated in KazEnergy’s 8th International Industry Forum and Exhibition. The company’s exhibition stand was also devoted to the presentation of the book “We are PetroKazakhstan”. The album was introduced to the VIP delegation led by RK Prime Minister S.N. Akhmetov which expressed a high opinion of it. Within the framework of the forum special recognition was received by our corporate magazine “Munaishy”. In the competition for the best corporate publication among oil and gas companies the magazine was recognized as the best one and won the first prize. All events involving the company during the forum and exhibition were extensively covered in press.

On October 7 prior to the KazEnergy forum and exhibition the Strategic Communications Department arranged a press conference devoted to the presentation of the corporate album-book “We are PetroKazakhstan”. Among press conference participants there were RK Minister of Oil and Gas U.S. Karabalin, Senator of the RK Parliament Ye.K. Astayev and also famous public figures and company partners in social projects being part of the influence group: People’s Artist of the USSR B. Tulegenova and legendary boxer, Vice-President of the RK Boxing Federation S. Konakbayev. “This photo album will allow highlighting in more vivid colors the key capital of the oil and gas complex employing more than three thousand employees which is the human capital. Thanks to labor of each individual the positive results are achieved in the Kazakhstani oil and gas sector today and a stepping stone is being laid in the foundation of the future”, Minister Karabalin noted in his speech and encouraged other companies to follow the example of PK and to promote the image of the oilman’s job. The importance of this project was also emphasized by the Minister at the youth congress held as part of the forum where he taught a master class to students of petroleum trades.

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