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Sponsorship and charity enable the formation of sustainable social structures, promote cultural and educational development, and also complement government efforts in solving social tasks.
Throughout its activities, the Company adheres to the principles of social responsibility and is actively involved in sponsorship and charitable initiatives.
The projects in Almaty which the company participates in aim to help in organizing important social events in the area of art, culture, sports, and implementing research, educational and social projects.
These include:
Dobrovolnoye Obshestvo Miloserdiye (DOM) (“Mercy” Voluntary Society). The Fund carries out fund-raising and searches for appropriate clinics for children with diseases which cannot be cured in Kazakhstan, provides special assistance for children with autism spectrum disorders, and implements Kazakhstan Without Orphans project.
PetroKazakhstan sponsors Bibigul Tulegenova’s International Singer Contest, the only professional singer contest in Kazakhstan thanks to which new opera talents are discovered.
The project aims to foster moral and aesthetic qualities in the young people. Such projects promote the popularity of the works of Kazakh composers, because performing the best pieces of Kazakh music is one of the mandatory conditions of the competition.
For many years, we have been supporting the creative team of Almaty School of Choreography named after Seleznyov, the country’s professional ballet school that maintains and develops an excellent school of Kazakh ballet. PetroKazakhstan contributes to the promotion of sports in Kazakhstan, regularly supporting Kazakhstan’s amateur sports federations and talented athletes, as well as taking part in projects aimed to promote healthy lifestyle.
Over the years, the company has supported many charity projects such as: Orphanage No. 2 in Almaty for orphans and kids left without parents’ care, ARDI (Association of the Parents of Disabled Children), Kenes Social Adaptation and Labor Rehabilitation Center and other. In addition to its charitable projects already underway, the company contributes to the further development and promotion of charity in society. Thus, PetroKazakhstan has been sponsoring Kazakhstan’s only national award in the charity area “Altyn Zurek” (Heart of Gold) that aims to find and award people and organizations whose charitable activities serve as an example and directly influence the evolution of our society.
We believe that joint efforts of the company, the government and people can lead to solving complex social tasks. We also strive to ensure that our initiatives serve as examples for other organizations, raising the standard in contributing to the development and welfare of society. We are proud of our role in supporting and facilitating socially significant projects and will keep striving to achieve this important goal.

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