Corporate social responsibility

The projects in Almaty which the company participates in aim to help in organizing important social events in the area of art, culture, sports, and implementing scientific-educational and social projects.

These include:

Dobrovolnoye Obshestvo Miloserdiye (DOM) (“Mercy” Voluntary Society), Public Fund. The company has been actively cooperating with the DOM Fund for many years, having assumed a commitment to finance the fund’s maintenance costs. Thanks to this support the employees of the Fund can take steps to set up important projects such as “Present Children with Live” to help children whose diseases cannot be cured in Kazakhstan; “Autism can be overcome!” and “Kazakhstan Without Orphans” projects, as well as many other projects similarly important for Kazakhstani society. The company has been a sponsor of the “Present Children with Live” program on Khabar TV-channel since 2011 to facilitate public awareness and increase the number of indifferent Kazakhstanis who want to participate in charitable activities to the best of their ability.  

PetroKazakhstan received the Ar-Namys (“Sense of Conscience”) award as the best company in the category “Stable Social Standing” in 2011.

Veterans support. PetroKazakhstan has long-standing warm relations with the World War II Veterans Council of the city of Almaty and Medeu District, and the South Kazakhstan Veterans-Geologists Association, which receive annual donations necessary for the implementation of a number of their projects.

Supporting culture, arts and sports projects. PetroKazakhstan is involved in important public projects in the sphere of culture and art aiming to preserve and popularize the Kazakh and world cultural heritage in the society. The company supported the Foundation of the First President and sponsored the exhibition of the French artistic heritage “Pearls of France: French art and culture from the Renaissance to the present day” in Almaty. PetroKazakhstan arranged and held an exhibition of prominent Central Asian and Kazakhstani painters named “Earth warmed by the Sun” dedicated to the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the year of Culture in Almaty. HanSanat Gallery exhibition and a classical music concert of Kazakhstani and world stage stars Aiman Musakhodjayeva, Zhaniya Aubakirova, Maira Mukhamedkyzy and many others were arranged by the company in 2015 as part of KAZENERGY Association’s 10-th Anniversary festivities.

PetroKazakhstan sponsors Bibigul Tulegenova’s International Singer Contest, which is the only professional singing contest in Kazakhstan. Moreover, the company was bestowed with the honor of participating in the concept implementation and being the general sponsor of a book about the People’s Artist of the USSR Bibigul Tulegenova published in the Kazakh, Russian and English languages.

For many years, we have been supporting the creative team of Almaty School of Choreography named after Seleznyov, the country’s professional ballet school that maintains and develops an excellent school of Kazakh ballet.

PetroKazakhstan contributes to the promotion of sports in Kazakhstan, regularly supporting Kazakhstan’s amateur sports federations and talented athletes, as well as taking part in projects aimed to promote healthy lifestyle.

Charity projects. Among many charity projects, PetroKazakhstan focuses on various educational institutions, orphan-care institutions, and institutions for children with disabilities. These include Orphanage No. 2 in Almaty for orphans and kids left without parents’ care, ARDI (Association of the Parents of Disabled Children), Kenes Social Adaptation and Labor Rehabilitation Center and other.

In addition to its charitable projects already underway, the company contributes to the further development and promotion of charity in society. As a rigorous supporter of the ideas of Baurzhan Public Foundation instigators who instituted the “Altyn Zhurek” (Golden Heart) annual public award, PetroKazakhstan has been sponsoring Kazakhstan’s only national award in the charity area “Altyn Zurek” that aims to find and award people and organizations whose charitable activities serve as an example and directly influence the evolution of our society.

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