Economic Season in ARAI-SUNRISE


Kyzylordinskiye Vesti (Kyzylorda), No. 82 (16765), 02.06.2009

Economic Season in ARAI-SUNRISE /Serik Bizhanov/

The republican youth economic camp “Business, Education + Personal Growth + Exciting Rest” was based in Arai-Sunrise Camp from May 25 to May 30. The event was arranged by Junior Achievement Kazakhstan Public Fund (Astana) and sponsored by PetroKazakhstan Kumkol Resources.

The purpose of this project is to communicate to schoolchildren such economic programs of Junior Achievement as “Applied Economics”, “Modeling of Economics and Management”, “School Company”, “Banks in Action”, “Global Business Ethics”, which are used by hundreds of schools and thousands of students in the republic.

As the Manager of Junior Achievement Kazakhstan, Raissa Zhandalinova, says, an economic environment was simulated in the camp and children steeped in that environment through trainings. They were ten of them in total. Boys and girls were opening their own firms, rendering various services, selling goods that they manufactured in shops. During their games they were making decisions on a goods price and ways of selling them in the market. Those who gained the highest profits – won. Besides, the guys were also issuing a newspaper.

In addition to all of that, boys and girls learned how to be managers: they got rid of some of their complexes, learned to appoint staff in a clever way, studied the psychology of their subordinates, learner to be actors, to speak in public and to overcome difficult situations with dignity. Probably there are future managers among those guys, so the knowledge they gained will certainly be useful for them in the future. It would be good for them to know what principles financial institutions use. For example, many students liked the training “Banks in action” during which they learned a lot of useful things about the life of the banks.

There was also an employment exchange in the camp that usually had 10-12 vacancies (canteen workers, loaders, script writers, showmen, dancers, singers, etc.). Those who were registered at the ‘employment center’ were given recommendations, and the employers that had signed employment contracts with them paid salaries with econs (the currency used by the young people). And salaries were paid stably without any delays. People could pay with econs for any things they wanted to buy at the fair. Guys also learned to sign and to dance and competed in sport games.

There were 160 schoolchildren of 8-10 grades from 13 regions of Kazakhstan and 10 trainers and 20 teachers of economics that worked with them. Their objective was to open talents in children and to develop them, or just to create a homelike and joyful environment for the children’s rest. The kids’ smiles and cheerful laughter prove that the idea was a success. Schoolchildren Sagindyk Bushanov, Daniyar Umarov (both of them are from Aktubinsk), Alina Rudnyaynskaya, Nauryzzhan Ismailov (both of them are from Petropavlovsk), Fariza Nabiyeva (Stepnogorsk) say that they enjoyed their time in the camp: teachers were good, and therefore schoolchildren are leaving the place with new knowledge, plus they have found new friends here. Arai-Sunrise has wonderful living conditions, cooks prepare delicious things (five meals a day) and discotheques are held every day. So, the time spent there was interesting and brought a lot of joy. It is very important that children were allowed to show initiative, to be in the chairs of senators and the president (the camp was like an independent kids’ state with its own economic laws).

The Vice-President of PetroKazakhstan Kumkol Resources, Chen Da Yu, and First Deputy Head of the Oblast Branch of Nur Otan Party, Olmeskhan Bolatbekov, visited the camp. They had a meeting with project participants.

Representatives of Junior Achievement Kazakhstan and the children thanked PetroKazakhstan Kumkol Resources for a good welcome and sponsorship. The days spent in the camp will stay in their memories for long.

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