Field development

PetroKazakhstan always tries to replace production with new commercially valuable discoveries of fields. So, the company on a constant basis carries out exploration program, remaining the only major oil enterprise, operating in South-Turgai basin, which undertakes to continue this program for most complete realization of the potential of the region. 

Presently PKKR has nine contracts to carry out hydrocarbon production in Kumkol fields (south-east part), Kumkol South, East Kumkol, North Nuraly, Kyzylkia, Aryskum, Maybulak, South-West Karabulak, Karabulak and two contracts for hydrocarbon exploration in the territories adjacent to contracts #4508 and  #1928 of Karaganda oblast (North Karabulak, Bukharsai). Also, having necessary material base, professional qualification, skills, manpower and all other necessary means, the company renders the services for third party contractors to conduct production and exploration, including for “Kolzhan” LLP to carry out production in North-West Kyzylkia field, West Tuzkol, North, and exploration of hydrocarbons in exploratory areas such as Tuzkol, Zhanbyrshy, Taskuduk  for “PetroKazakhstan Ventures Inc.” to carry out hydrocarbon exploration in exploratory areas of South-East Doshan, Doshan, South Doshan and Zhamansu.  

Presently the сompany carries out a pilot operation of Bukharsai, North Karabulak. The purpose of conducting pilot operation is to receive additional information about geological and physical characteristics of deposits, well productivity, estimation and establishing production capabilities of productive horizons for further compilation of reserves estimation and putting the field into commercial development. 

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