Final press-conference within the framework of the charity action “Give Life to Children”


On December 22, 2009 a year-end final press-conference was held within the framework of the charity action “Give Life to Children” of “Voluntary Charity Society” Public Fund. The press-conference coincided with the visit of leading doctors from the Tomsk Research Institute of Cardiology providing free medical advice for Kazakhstan children.

The charity mission of the doctors from Tomsk is being carried out under the slogan “All kids have the same hearts”. During this visit the doctors will examine about 150 kids, of which 50 have already undergone a surgery at the Tomsk Research Institute of Cardiology.

Owing to efforts of many people, including employees of PetroKazakhstan company, assistance has been rendered to 165 kids from all the regions of Kazakhstan. The amount of collections and paid surgeries equaled almost USD 960,000, excluding funds that were directly transferred to parents’ accounts by private donators, and free surgeries that have been done by foreign doctors in Kazakhstan.

It is not the first year that PetroKazakhstan was supporting the fund activities and that its employees were taking part in many actions of the fund, including “Give Life to Children”.

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