First Deputy of the Republic of Kazakhstan Prime Minister, made a working visit to Kyzylorda Oblast.


Umirzak Shukeyev, First Deputy of the Republic of Kazakhstan Prime Minister, made a working visit to Kyzylorda Oblast.

The purpose of his visit was to get acquainted with the projects implemented in the scope of the Industrialization Map, and to check the preparedness to Western Europe – Western China trans-border rout construction. These projects acquire even bigger importance within the framework of the task set out in the President’s January Address to the people of Kazakhstan.

It is worth noting that within the scope of the innovation program, a good deal of work is done to ensure the Oblast’s energy independence.

The Vice Prime Minister visited the Akshabulak oil field to see the presentation of projects devoted to the Oblast’s power supply. Near the PetroKazakhstan Kumkol Resources Company booth it has become clear that our oil land is turning into the energy producing region.

Chen Dayou, the Company’s Vice President, informed the government delegation on expansion of the gas-turbine station now at work at Kumkol oil field. He told that this year the Kumkol’s operative gas-turbine power station is going to be expanded by 50 megawatt of electricity.

It is going to be implemented by installation of two additional gas-turbine plants of General Electric FS5001P with 25 megawatt each with extra technological and electric equipment, which is going to give additional 50 megawatt of power. The plant will run on gas, which would allow utilizing around 210M cubic meters of associated gas annually. The project will ensure stable power supply to the oil fields and, most importantly, its excesses of 30megawatt will go to KEGOK’s network in Kazakhstan.

The project is going to be funded by Consortium (50% by PetroKazakhstan Kumkol Resources AO and 50% Turgai Petroleum AO) own money. Overall investment amount is 7.5 billion tenge.

According to the works schedule, the facility is going to be put into operation in July this year. 150 local workers will take part in construction, and 14 local employees will be running and operating it.

In the end of his visit, the First Vice Prime Minister noted positive changes in the region and thanked for the excellent organization of the presentation.

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