Football session


Football session

The holiday camp “Arai-Sunrise” ended with traditional oblast football tournament among school children for the prizes of “Petro Kazakhstan Kumkol Resources”. This year it was attended by nine teams from 7 regions of the oblast, city of Kyzylord and Baikonur city. The award ceremony of the winners took place on the last day of the sport session.
Organizers of the tournament are oblast department of physical culture and sports and “PKKR” JSC. 
As you know, each year in the camp “Arai-Sunrise” the last session is – sports. The young football players of 13-14 years old are gathered here. Practically almost all of them are experienced players, as they train for five or six years. During the rest the guys not only gain strength for the new school year, but also compete in skill. As in the previous years, the battle on the football field heated seriously. Particularly the team from Syrdaria region surprised the all. As coaches tell, in previous years the guys did not show much zeal for victory, and this year they were well prepared and were quite a bit behind the winner of the tournament.
As a result, the first place went to the team from Kyzylorda, the second place – Syrdaria region, and third place – the team from Baikonur city. 
As the coach of Baikonur team Timur Atagulov said, they participate in this tournament for the second time. 
– Competitions were organized at a high level – he said. – You could say that everything was “adulty”, that the guys were much disciplined, forced to give all to the fullest. Such events bring up young players with fighting qualities, team spirit, learn to overcome difficulties. They prepare a good change for football teams of the republic. Many thanks to the sponsors of the tournament, because it’s a real sports celebration for children. And there is also a wonderful vacation. Now, with new forces they return to school in the new academic year and with a great enthusiasm they to continue exercising. 

At the award ceremony, the awards to the winning teams were handed by department manager of Public relations of “PKKR”JSC Aktolkyn Sultangereeva and head of the department of mass sports of oblast department of physical culture and sports Galym Sikhymov. The winners received diplomas and valuable prizes from “PKKR” JSC.

 The best players were also noted for nominations. As the best goalkeeper was found Aset Shymkentov (Shiely region), the best defender – Ruslan Almasuly (Zhanakorgan region), the best midfielder became Ernar Samuratov (Aral region), the best forward – Aidos Sovet (Kazaly region). The best bomber by decision of judges considered the 11-year-old Dias Sagynbay from Zhalagash region. In this tournament he was the most productive player – totally eight scores on his account. As told Dias, he plays football from 6 years old. He participated in such events for the first time.
– I really enjoyed the camp, – he says. – Here is an excellent living conditions, tasty food, time passed quickly. I am very glad I was here. Many thanks to the company “Petro Kazakhstan” for the tournament and for the prize. Our team took second place last year. Hope, next year we will achieve the best results.The best coaches were also awarded – Nurlan Bayshorayev from Kyzylorda and Bolatbek Zhumanazarov from Aral region. For the fair refereeing the following judges were noted with diplomas and memorable gifts – Maksat Azhimbetov, Alexei Kuberski, Abzal Zhakhanov and Erkyn Zhantuganov.

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