Giving Joy to Kids


We can say that it has become a kind tradition for oilmen long ago to visit districts and arrange campaigns. Recently their good actions made the village people feel happy. First they participated in the “Miss of the Sea 2008” Competition arranged for handicapped girls in the Aral District. The event started with visiting the exhibition which had been prepared by kids and schoolchildren that get educated without leaving their homes. Wonderful paintings and handiworks made by craftsmen were exhibited there…

The oilmen also visited the Shapagat Health Center in the Kazalinsk District which is fully financed by the company. The Center has been functioning for 10 year already. About 40 kids were staying there. They are from 3 to 14 years old. The Center creates all conditions for treatment and rehabilitation of kids.

This time PetroKazakhstan people had a chance to watch a celebratory event: “We Are the Flowers of Life” prepared by efforts of the kids.

Paizullakhon Ayupkyzy

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