Golden hands of PetroKazakhstan


On March 5, an exhibition-fair of creative works and hand-made products “Golden Hands of PetroKazakhstan” was held at the Kyzylorda main office of “PetroKazakhstan Kumkol Resources” JSC.

Seven craftswomen presented real magic made with their own hands at the exhibition. Talented craftswomen presented their works: Zhibek Igilikova, Botagoz Tursunbayeva, Oksana Chernikova, Zhanar Seitmuratova, Assel Aprezova, Elina Elzhurkhayeva, Asylzat Tolepbergenova. At the fair, we could enjoy with paintings, ecobags, kurak-korpe, beaded products, knitted toys, casting pieces made from cement and gypsum, culinary and dietary pastries. Each product was created as a result of painstaking work and keeps the warmth of its creator. It’s hard to believe that creativity is a hobby for most women, not a profession.

The creative potential of the participants was highly appreciated by their colleagues and the management of the company. All the works, with no exception,  pleased with their originality and aesthetics, and nobody was left untouched by the their works.

Chairman of Board of “PetroKazakhstan Kumkol Resources” JSC, Mr. Zhao Xiaoming congratulated the women on the International Women’s Day, wishing them a spring mood and the realization of the most ambitious plans. 

Deputy Chairperson of the Board of Governors, Human Resources and Administration, Sufiya Daminova, Deputy Chairperson of the Board of Governors, Finance issues, Kuanysh Azhibekov, Deputy Chairperson of the Board of Governors, Legal issues, Dauren Kadeyev, Director of Capital Construction, Seilbek Berkenov also expressed warm words and wishes.

The authors of creative works were awarded bouquets of tulips, diplomas and memorable gifts from the company.

The chairman of the trade union committee, Bakhyt Mukasheva, also congratulated the craftswomen-participants with flowers and eco-friendly Tupperware brand dishes.

Авторам творческих работ от имени компании  были вручены букеты тюльпанов, дипломы и памятные подарки. 

Мастериц поздравила с наступающими весенними праздниками  и председатель профсоюзного комитета Бахыт Мукашева  вручив участницам мероприятия цветы и экологичную посуду бренда Tupperware. 

We would like to thank everyone who took part in the exhibition. We wish you creative success, the embodiment of ideas and inspiration!


Igilikova Zhibek enjoys knitting toys with knitting needles in her spare time. “Since childhood, I liked children’s toys and my happiness was endless when they were presented to me. One evening, I’ve arrived to a thought to buy crochets, yarn and try to knit something. I watched knitting master classes on the YouTube channel. The very first thing I knitted was small napkins, potholders for the kitchen, then a scarf, etc. I kind of did though I’d never knitted before. And now this interest has turned into a hobby”.

Zhanar Seitkasymova has a lot of hobbies. “I have always had a craving for various types of needlework. In my free time I do knitting, sewing kurak-korpe, eco bags, etc. In Kazakh families, according to tradition, girls are taught to do household chores from early childhood: to sew, needle, cook. Therefore, I have these skills since early childhood. On weekends, I like to bake cakes and eclairs for my family and friends”. 

Bota Tursynbaeva likes to paint. In consequence of painting, she started to see the beauty even in routine daily life. “I am an aesthete in life. I love when everything is beautiful. I like to give even the most boring things a certain sophistication and peculiarity. Painting helps me to calm down, sort myself out, detach myself from the world around me for a bit and live in a world of creativity and infinite beauty. While it is difficult to say me a professional in my work, I am rather an amateur. I just do what I like, and I hope that over time I will get better and better.” 

Asylzat Tolepberegenova’s favorite hobby is beading. “Beading is a very exciting activity. It helps me to get away from the hustle and bustle of work and have a good rest. But, above all, it brings a feeling of euphoria when you realize that you are creating a real work of art with your own hands. One of my first works is beading a camisole for my sister on her Uzatu Toi (Bride’s Farewell)”. 

In her free time, Assel Aprezova is engaged in the making of pastry: cakes, cupcakes, muffins, meringues, cookies and more. She told us that she make cakes after work and on weekends. One cake takes about 5-6 hours of work. “Making cakes is my favorite hobby. I forget everything when I’m working on a cake. My hobby is loved by all my family and friends”. 

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