Help of the enterprise in choice of profession.


 Within the frames of Memorandum #302 dd. 26.05.2014 on mutual cooperation between branch of “Nazarbayev intellectual school of the chemical biological direction, Shymkent  “Nazarbayev intellectual school of Shymkent”, Chambers of businessmen of SKO and PetroKazakhstan Oil Products, LLP, the Refinery has undertook the obligation on support in implementation of the following projects:

1) in equipment of career-guidance office by the equipment and information material about enterprise and professions demanded at labor market,

2) in project implementation “10 days at the enterprise” for excursions and meetings with specialists of PKOP,

3) in carrying out awareness-raising sightseeing tour “Tugan elge tagzym” in the territory of oil refinery.

        On July 11 seniors and teachers of Nazarbayev school were in PKOP at excursion in the amount of 70 people which, we hope, will help them with choice of profession.  

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