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Environmentally safe use of associated gas is the priority for “PetroKazakhstan Kumkol Resources” JSC. On June 15, 2006, the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources of the Republic of Kazakhstan approved the PKKR Gas Utilization Program, and the company, one of the first in the Republic, began implementing projects aimed at efficient use of associated gas.
Associated gas utilization program resolves a range of ecological problems like excluding of unorganized flaring, mechanical gas underfire and emissions, evaporation of light oil fractions into atmosphere, reduction of possibilities of oil spills and soil contamination, dramatic increase of production fire safety
A gas turbine power station (GTPS) with a total capacity of 102 MW and a gas piston power plant (GPPP) with a total capacity of 12 MW is operating at the Kumkol field of «PKKR» JSC, within the framework of the program. The generated electricity is used for oil production and provides electricity to the facilities of «PKKR» JSC at the Kumkol, Kyzylkiya, Aryskum and Karabulak fields.
The Central Gas Facility (hereinafter referred to as CGF) at the Kumkol, Aryskum and Kyzylkiya fields are designed for utilization of associated gas by using gas for own needs in the form of fuel in oil heaters and at the industrial zone and the camp: to power the internal combustion engines of the compressor units of the CGF for re-injecting it into the reservoir into the gas cap of the Aryskum field. Part of the gas is transported through the Kyzylkiya-Kumkol gas pipeline with a length of 60 km for utilization by generating electricity at the Kumkol GTPS.
Gas injection into reservoir helps to maintain a reservoir pressure, increase oil inflow and also dramatic decrease pollutants emission into atmosphere.

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