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The names of the finalists of the eleventh PetroKazakhstan Scholarship Program for Kyzylorda Oblast have become known. The program was established with the support of the Oblast Akimat and was launched in 2005. This program is designed to provide assistance to talented young people in acquiring high-quality education and to create a source of highly qualified and trained personnel for PKKR JSC.
This year the program will grant up to five personal scholarships for studying in the Oil and Gas Business field at the China University of Petroleum (Beijing) for a bachelor degree. The scholarship holders will study for 5 years, including the first year that they will spend studying Chinese. 
To participate in the scholarship program the candidates should meet the mandatory requirements, such as to be a citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan with permanent registration in Kyzylorda Oblast, to have a secondary school certificate, including graduates of 2015, to be not older than 21 years as of March 31, 2015, to have an average academic score of at least 4 based on a 5-grade scale and of at least 3.3 based on a 4-grade scale, and a good command of English.
The commission chaired by Sufiya Daminova, Deputy Board Chairperson for Human Resources and Administration, PKKR JSC, consisted of: Eugenyi Kim, Oblast Akim Advisor, Bakhytzhan Sailybayev, Head of Oblast Education Department, Timur Kenshibay, Head of International Relations Department of Korkyt Ata’s Kyzylorda State University, and Aikumis Kosanova, Head of Employee Training and Development Department, PKKR JSC.
A total of 40 applications were submitted for participation in the program. The submitted applications and documents were checked for the compliance with qualification requirements and eligibility for the scholarship program and 40 candidates were admitted to competition.
First they underwent a complex test in five secondary school subjects which was held on April 23-24, 2015. 14 out of 40 participants which got 75 and more scores (out of 100) were invited to the English test on April 28, 2015. Based on the results of two tests (the complex test and the English test) the best results were shown by 14 participants. On May 20, 2015 14 candidates were invited to individual interviews. The purpose of the interview was to identify the most deserving candidates and to evaluate their maturity and availability of necessary motivation and expertise to succeed under the scholarship program.
The following persons were announced as winners of PetroKazakhstan Program for Kyzylorda Oblast in 2015: Akbota Izbasar (Murager Lyceum School), Aishuak Kozybek (Daryn School No.4), Abylaikhan Sadykov (Kazakh-Turkish Lyceum No.9), Akmaral Khalykova and Yerzhan Adbulla (both from Nazarbayev’s Intellectual School). However, they will be required to confirm their knowledge at the forthcoming exams with a government-issued UNT certificate for not less than 75 scores out of 100 (the subject of choice is physics).
Besides them the following individuals were included in the reserve group: Valeriya Pak (Murager Lyceum School), Sultan Omirbay (Nazarbayev’s Intellectual School) and Danabek Burkitbay (Kazakh-Turkish Lyceum No.9). The candidates in the reserve group will be viewed in priority sequence as scholarship nominees only if any participant from the main group looses or waives his/her right to be a finalist for whatever reason.
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