Information about decisions made by the Board of Directors on issues for which information carried out to shareholders and investors in accordance with the joint-stock company’s internal documents:


The Board of Directors of “PKKR” JSC, minutes # 21/1 dated   May 05, 2017, made a decision on the conclusion of the related-party transaction by Company, i.e.: 

The Land Plot Sublease Contract #1702078 between Company and ТОО “BGP Geophysical services (Kazakhstan)”;                                                                                 

The Contract #1702017 for associated gas supply between Company and JSC “CNPC-Ai Dan Munai”;    The Services Contract #1702018 between the Company and AO “CNPC-Ai Dan Munai”.               

This decision of the Board of Directors of “PKKR” JSC has been approved by the decision of the sole shareholder, owner of voting shares of the Company, No. 101/1 as of  May 05, 2017.

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