Information about decisions made by the Board of Directors on issues for which information carried out to shareholders and investors in accordance with the joint-stock company’s internal documents:


The Board of Directors of AO “PKKR”, minutes # 6/2 dated   December 27, 2017  made a decision:

To recommend to the shareholder, owner of all voting shares of the Company, which is authorized to take sole decisions on the issues related to competence of the Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting of the Company in accordance with Article 35.4 of the Law:

• approve the order of distribution of retained profit of the Company over the previous years for Y2016;
• approve a final dividend per one ordinary share of the Company for 2016 in amount of 600 (six hundred) KZT limited to a previously paid dividends

This decision of the Board of Directors of AO “PKKR” has been approved by the decision of the sole shareholder, owner of voting shares of the Company, No. 106/2 as of   December 27, 2017.

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