Information on resolutions taken by the Board of Directors on the list of issues which shall be disclosed to the shareholders and investors in accordance with internal documents of the joint stock company:


The Board of Directors of  “PKKR” JSC  resolved to conclude the following interested transactions based on the minutes No.10/5 dated April 24th, 2018, in particular:

1) Service contract No.1802028 between the Company and “Joint Venture “Kazgermunai” LLP;

2) Service contract No.1801101 between the Company and “CNLC International Kazakhstan Inc.” LLP (КНЛК Интернэшнл Казахстан Инк.)”

This resolution of the Board of Directors of  “PKKR” JSC has been approved by the resolution No.110/9 dated April 24th, 2018 of a sole shareholder and owner of voting shares of the Company

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