Information on the resolutions taken by the sole shareholder, owner of all voting shares of JSC


Resolution No. 110/1 dated   April 02, 2018.

1. To approve resolutions based on which the authorized representative of Company will have to vote at the General Meeting of Shareholders of “PetroKazakhstan Finance B.V.” (PKF BV) (the «Meeting») as follows:
1.1. To resolve that, since special circumstances did not permit the management  of “PKF B.V” nor the liquidator of “PKF B.V” to prepare and make available the annual report for the financial year ended 31 December 2016 at the offices of the “PKF B.V”  for inspection by the shareholder within the period mentioned in Book 2 of the Dutch Civil Code, section 210, the extension of this period until the day of the annual general meeting of “PKF B.V” shareholders be ratified ;
1.2. To adopt the balance sheet, profit and loss account and the notes thereto for the financial year ended 31 December 2016 (Attachment #1);
1.3. To resolve that the result for the year will be carried forward;
1.4. To give a discharge and release from liability to the board of managing directors and each managing director individually, as well as liquidator for their conduct of the Company’s affairs over the financial year ended 31 December 2016.
2. To authorize  I. de Lucia and/or L.P.A. Rolfes and/or L.J.M. Duijsens and/or Y. Ortolà Martínez to represent the Company at the forthcoming  Meeting, to be held in absentia or in person format and entrust them to vote at the mentioned Meeting according to taken resolution.

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