On April 17th in Kazakhstan annually celebrates professional holiday – Fire safety day.

The date of this holiday was established in honor of signing the Decree “About arranging state actions on fire fighting” in April 17, 1918 during USSR.  The former Soviet Republics, including Kazakhstan, celebrate this holiday too.

       Before the holiday, among the staff of PKKR JSC  and Kolzhan LLP was held annual contest  on fire safety in Kumkol field: “IT IS EASIER TO PREVENT FIRE RATHER THAN EXTINGUISH IT”, where  the main purpose  is to increase the responsibility of each employee for fire safety  in the workplace and the improvement of skills in the use of fire extinguishers in emergency situation.

This event was opened by Pan Xinjun, Director Production Operations Kumkol field.  Last year winners, the team of  KAM field before starting of the contest solemnly returned Cup to Pan Xinjun, the chairman of the jury.

      Bolat Kusherbayev, Vice-president on Development and Capital Construction addressed with the welcoming speech.  He wished the participants success in the contest and congratulated fire service department  with their professional holiday and 25th anniversary of functioning of Fire Safety Department of PKKR JSC and to all participants of this contest  – with 30th anniversary of industrial development of Kumkol field.

        Adilbek Bekliev, Deputy Chairperson of the Board of Governors HSE,   noted in his speech that from year to year people are more interested in this contest, and increasing the number of people willing to take part in the contest.18 applications were received from different divisions to take part in the contest this year.  Encouraged by the fact that employees are not indifferent to the safety issues and well prepared for the contest.

       Shang Weizhong, Chief Technical Director on HSE, Bakhyt Mukasheva, Lawyer Trade Union Committee, Zhomartbek Teleubaev, and Head Fire Safety Department welcomed the participants and wished them victories.

       Teams consisted of 3 employees from each department, carrying out practical exercises, improving their skills and clearly demonstrated, many fans and spectators, manner of use of fire-fighting techniques and teamwork during emergency situations.

This year 18 Teams agreed to take part in the contest for the right of having a Challenge Cup.  Contestants competed in speed execution of two types of exercises:

1.     Passing 150 meter line with obstacles and extinguishing a burning fluid by using OP-5 fire extinguisher

2.     Laying from the fire valve a line of the fire hoses with nozzles and supplying water for extinguishing the fire source

   Summarizing the results of 2 stages, one of the organizers of this contest, Erkyn Yertayev, Fire Service Chief Guard of PKKR JSC said that this project is a practical strengthening of theoretical knowledge in training PKKR staff conducted within the framework of fire-technical minimum.

       The first Challenge Cup Holders in Y2013 were employees of the Main Pump station, in Y2014 Technology Group, and in Y2015 the Cup moved to Aryskum field teams.
       According to the results of the contest of the Y2016 the first honorable place was taken by Main Oil Pump Station Team, they showed the best result in time 98, 62 seconds of the total exercise time of execution. Second place went to the team of CPF-2. The third went to Production shop -2 team.
          All the winners have been awarded with medals of corresponding degrees and valuable prizes from HSE Department of  PKKR JSC.

Female Representatives, Naziya Kulchigayeva, Dispatcher, Communications Department,  Dana Abuova, Specialist Document Control MRM, Azhar Aitpenbetova, Specialist, Transportation Department  took part  in the contest, awarded with diplomas and memorable gifts. For active participation in the organization of this contest Contractors Nursat bauyr LLP and Kumkol service LLP were handed over Letter of Gratitude and memorable gifts.

         The next year, the contest will be continued in Aryskum Field.

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