Meeting with winners of Olympic Games


The whole world watched Olympic games held in People’s Republic of China at the end of this summer. The sportsmen of National Team of the Republic of Kazakhstan performed in praiseworthy manner and brought quite a number of prizes to native land. There were the sportsmen from South Kazakhstan Oblast among them. Management of PKOP, LLP decided to congratulate and encourage its countrymen for successful participation in Olympic games. Erkebulan Shynaliyev, bronze medal winner in boxing, Yelena Shalygina, bronze medal winner in freestyle wrestling and Alla Vazhenina, silver medal winner in weightlifting were invited to PKOP, LLP. In celebratory atmosphere Mr. A.N. Akishev, Vice President, Commerce, PKOP, LLP and Mr. Jiang Shi, Vice President, Operations, PKOP, LLP on behalf of the Company presented 1,000,000.00 KZT to each of sportsmen and wished sport success on the world playgrounds. Coachers of the winners were granted memorable presents by PKOP, LLP. Sportsmen and coachers promised to make efforts to win gold medals for the Republic of Kazakhstan in the next Olympic games.

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