Modernization of energy system of Kumkol field


Within the program on modernization of energy system of Kumkol field, in July this year the Capital Construction Department jointly with the contractor KREK AO and the operational personnel of the Maintenance Department completed the re-laying of 6 kV cable lines to new transformer substations PS- “Kumkol-4” and PS- “Kumkol-5.”

The project implementation on reconstruction of the energy power supply system of Kumkol o\f  substantially “unload” Kumkol PS-1, which is almost resolved the issue of shortage of electricity in the industrial oil facilities and led to a marked reduction in volatility. In addition, it became possible to improve the electricity distribution system, and first of all – for the production facilities at Kumkol o\f. Previously, all Kumkol field (except East Kumkol o\f) depended on the existing Kumkol PS-1, owned by “ZHREK” AO, built about 25 years ago, and now –  “PKKR” AO already has two new substations owned by the Company. Thus,  “PKKR”  AO reduced the dependence of production facilities from the power distribution system of third parties, in this case from the “ZHREK” AO. During the project implementation there were built two substations PS 110/6 kV “Kumkol-4”, PS 110/6 kV “Kumkol-5”, 110 kV overhead line – entry on PS “Kumkol-4”, 110 kV overhead line – entry on PS “Kumkol-5”, 6 kV overhead line – re-laying of 6 kV electric system to the new PS “Kumkol-4”, 6 kV overhead line – re-laying of 6 kV electric system to the new PS “Kumkol-5.”

– The success of this project is an evidence of genuine team work of our specialists and contractors: design institutes, construction companies, transmission companies, – said the Chairperson of the Board of “PetroKazakhstan Kumkol Resources” AO Mr. Qin Hongwei. – The performed  modernization of the power supply system of  Kumkol field once again proves that the professionalism and energy of the team allows to overcome the most difficult obstacles, achieve goals and create new opportunities for the further successful development of the Company.

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