Nauryz – spring and affluence holiday


A merry holiday with bright and colorful performance for children from needy families was organized by PetroKazakhstan Kumkol Resources AO company. On this day the children did not only have fun and dance with fairy characters, but also got presents of sweets, soft toys and sweaters or blouses. As PKKR AO public relations manager Khusain Sarsembaev told, on this day 350 children were invited.
– Invitations for matinee were distributed via city department of employment and social programs and non-governmental organizations, – explained he. – Every year we try to cover as many kids as possible from needy families of aul and settlement regions, adjacent to the city. We are able to present little miracle to children.

Holiday event started with congratulations. Khusain Sarsembaev and Yeleusin Duisenov PKKR AO trade union chairman congratulated kids. They wished kids strong health, success in school, spring mood and faith in miracles. On this day all children came in holiday suits. Some were dressed as fairy characters, others – in national costumes. In the crowd of viewers excitement reigned. All were anticipating something unusual, fantastic. And the performance started. There participated Kydyr ata, Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer. A “Balbulak” group performed a rousing dance, where a young shepherd could not cope with frolicking sheep. Music and performance were so inspiring that many of the youngest viewers also could not sit back and started dancing.  A possibility to dance as much as one can with fairy characters they had when junior singers from art school Arailym Berik and Dimash Abu came on stage. The guys were able to inflame the audience so to speak. Also contests and quizzes were held.

The children were shown national Kazakh traditions – “ashamaiga mingizu/first sit on saddle” and “aidar shash alu/pigtail cutting”. The former tradition comes from nomadic way of life of Kazakh people. Far back in the past as the saying goes many a Kazakh child earlier learned to ride than walk. And a special ceremony existed, when the child was seated in the saddle and given a whip in its hands. This tradition was shown to the children. The latter tradition – it is cutting a pigtail off of boys, which they would grow from birth and cut at five years of age. The boys that participated in the showing of these traditions, were given soft toys and thermo pots.

After the holiday the children and their parents alike dispersed in perfect mood and expressed thanks to PKKR company who presented them such a wonderful holiday.
Karakoz Sabytova brought to the holiday a daughter Akjot Suleimenova.
– We are from Kyzyljarma village, – she said. – In our family four children.
The invitation I received in our village akimat. Four more children came with us from our village. In such a holiday we are for the first time and are very happy that got invited. Big thanks to the organizers for this present to the holiday. The kids are just overwhelmed with positive emotions, very glad for the presents. I would like to thank company management for care and kindness to people, and wish the company further prosperity.

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