Oilmen caring for children


Kyzylordinskiye Vesti (Kyzylorda), No.88 (16771), 11.06.2009

Oilmen Caring for Children /Paizullakhon Ayupkyzy/

Orphans and children from poor families enjoy the care of oilmen from PetroKazakhstan Kumkol Resources company on a constant basis. On the eve of Kyzylorda’s 190th anniversary celebration a trip to Astana city was arranged for 150 orphans and children from poor families, for which 4.5 million tenge were allocated from the training fund budget. Also tickets to summer recreational camps Aksu-Zhabagly and Baisheshek located in South Kazakhstan Oblast were provided for 50 children from poor families.

750 people will have a rest in Syrdarya camp during the whole summer season, of which 311 are children from poor families and orphans. At the summer season opening ceremony all guests were greeted by the Vice-President of PetroKazakhstan Kumkol Resources, Chen Dayou. He wished health, joy and nice time to everyone.

This year the oilmen demonstrated their great love for the children of Syra land; and all participants of competitions arranged on the International Children Protection Day in the city park received more than 1,000 special gifts and fluffy toys. PetroKazakhstan people also did not forget about sweets. All children that came here to have a rest, as well as children living in the second micro-district, who were spending their time in the aqua-park near their homes, received ice-cream. On their holiday 7,000 kids ate tasty ice-cream for free.

Recently PetroKazakhstan people visited the children that they are in charge of in the Shapagat Rehabilitation Center located in Kazalinsk District. The employees of this oil company have become like relatives long time ago, as the center has been functioning for more than ten years already. More than 40 children stay at this center; some of them have been wheelchair-bound since their childhood, and some kids who are taking a rehabilitation treatment have learned what a good care and nice conditions mean long ago thanks to the good-hearted oilmen. The center is fully financed by PetroKazakhstan Kumkol Resources AO.

After that the oilmen went to the Baldauren kindergarten in Zhanakorgan District. On that day the leavers of the upper group “Shagala” were saying good-bye to their kindergarten that they have been attending for almost six years. Boys and girls were especially excited to greet their permanent sponsor. They presented a big concert program.

Aisara Nalibayeva has been heading the kindergarten for more than thirty years. She cannot imagine her life without kids’ laughter and smiles. And every time when kids leave the institution that she is in charge of is special to her and echoes in her heart filling it with pity, but such is life and the kids need to go forward into their future adult life.

This year Baldauren is attended by 180 kids. Mainly they are children from poor families and orphans. By the way, the Baldauren kids are very welcomed to both educational and sport-oriented schools, as they come well prepared to schools. It is so thanks to great efforts of the kindergarten head and kindergarteners as well.

The Baldauren people have been friends with the oilmen for 8 years. This year 32 kids from Baldauren will go to the first form. The oilmen traditionally came to congratulate the little pupils and presented schoolbags with school accessories and toys to all future first-form pupils.

During the holiday and at the meetings citizens of districts and parents of the kids were saying the words of sincere gratitude to their sponsor PetroKazakhstan Kumkol Resources for its attention, care and love for children.

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