Olympics for Oilman Day


By invitation of E.Kozhabaev, Acting General Director, “KazMunayGaz – Refining & Marketing” JSC and decision of management of “PetroKazakhstan Oil Products” LLP – Mr. A. Turisbekov and Mr. Jiang Shi picked team of PKOP, LLP participated at Olympics among labor staffs of group of companies “КМG-R&M” from September 11 till 13, 2014. for Oilman Day. Contests were held at “Ak Bulak” complex, which fits for holding corporative and sport activities outdoors.  “Ak Bulak”  is located in 40 km eastwardly from Almaty  at foothills of Zailiyskiy Alatau on high of 1600 meters above sea level. 8 teams took part at Olympics – Atyrau Oil Refinery, Pavlodar Petro-Chemical Refinery, KMG-R&M, KMG onimderi, KMG aero, Rom Petroleum, PKOP and KPI- Kaspi bitum.  PKOP team consisted of 15 employees on 6 sport types: ping pong, tennis, chess, swimming, kettlebell lifting and mini football.  During Olympics employees of Shymkent Oil Refinery took the following winning places: M.Kulekeeva – among women in chess (CTG) – 1 first, ping pong among men – N.Gafarov (FFF system) – 3 place, Zh.Makhanov, kettlebell lifting (CTG) – 3 place. Our other employees showed the following sport results:  S.Seitkulova (Department of Accounting & Reporting) ping pong among women – 4 place, N.Kauysbek (Finance Department) tennis – 6 place, К. Turdalin (W/s #1) chess among men – 6 place, R.Kabysh (Engineering and Project Management Department) swimming – 6 place.  For the first time our mini-football team took the 4 place (B.Anetov (HR&A Dept.), D.Budanov (W/s #2), N.Duisenbiev (W/s #1), E.Zhaksybaev (W/s #1), Т. Kairbekov (CTG), N.Kubanov (CTG), Sh.Makhanov (W/s #1) N.Tulembetov (Finance Department)). As per the results of Olympics in in teams competition the following winners are defined: 1 place – Atyrau Oil Refinery, 2 place – KMG onimderi, 3 place – Pavlodar Petro-Chemical Refinery, 4 place – Rom Petroleum, 5 place – PKOP, 6 place – KPI-Kaspi Bitum, 7 place – KMG-R&M, 8 place – KMG – aero.
We congratulate employees of “PKOP” LLP with team’s victory at Olympics – 5 place!  Well done!

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