Opening new opportunities together


On October 29, a fundraising campaign to establish and equip small tailor-shops in Shymkent has been conducted under the auspices of PetroKazakhstan and the Women and Gender Policy Committee under the Akim of South Kazakhstan Oblast. Within the framework of the project over 100 women and children with disabilities received equipment and inventory for opening small tailor shops providing employment and home business opportunities. The dress-making training courses sponsored by the company give them potential for self-fulfillment.

The fundraising campaign was attended by the alumni of the Youth House which has about 200 children in its care, children with disabilities, mothers of HIV-positive children, members of Gibrat mothers of many children public union and others. The training will be conducted by qualified specialists of SKO subsidiary of Gibrat mothers of many children public union, teachers of school №65 and Gaukhar TOO garment factory. The whole training course will be provided free of charge.

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