Our Mutual Island – Mother Earth


In 1972 the General Assembly declared the June 5 as the World Environmental Protection Day and called up the governments and the United Nations system organizations to annually hold on this day, on the world-wide basis, the events affirming their aspiration to
preserving and improvement of environment, in order to broaden environment-related knowledge. Selection of this date was justified by the fact that the United Nations Conference on problems of human environment was established this day, following which the United Nations Program on environment was created.
In celebration of the World Environmental Protection Day, PetroKazakhstan Oil Products LLP (PKOP) holds environmental activities on cleaning and environmental regulation of refinery territory and its sanitary-protection zone.
World Environmental Protection Day is not only a professional holiday of ecologists, but it is the reason for thinking of environmental problems and for emphasizing an acute need in change of people’s attitude to natural resources. This day, in 2000, the UN program – “Millennium of the environment, get started!” supported by UNESCO, was launched. This is one more reminder to people about a mankind’s role in environmental protection. Our future depends on a choice we make today.

As one of the largest enterprises in the Republic of Kazakhstan and as conducting business in the industrial region of Shymkent, “PetroKazakhstan Oil Products” LLP gives special attention to environmental protection.
PKOP Department of Labor Protection, Safety and Environment has its annual tradition to celebrate this event at the refinery, i.e. provides sanitary purification of refinery and offsite territories. The purposes of this ecological event are: attracting of public attention to environment state, job-related experience interchanging, and reporting on environmental activities conducted.
We congratulate all the ecologists with this professional holiday – the World Environmental Protection Day! And also those who love and protect the nature

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