PETROKAZAKHSTAN-2022 Olympics has ended


On September 4, the PetroKazakhstan Sports Complex hosted the closing ceremony of the PetroKazakhstan-2022 Olympics among the divisions of “PetroKazakhstan Kumkol Resources” JSC, dedicated to the Oil and Gas Industry Workers Day.

About 300 oilmen-athletes from 11 divisions of “PetroKazakhstan Kumkol Resources” JSC took part in the games of the Spartakiad, which began on August 6. They demonstrated their sports skills in nine sports: chess, togyzkumalak, table tennis, arm wrestling, swimming, athletics, billiards, volleyball and futsal.

The closing ceremony, the joyful faces of the participants: there are no losers here – sports, corporate spirit, the joy of communicating with colleagues won. Participants look cheerful and refreshed.

The ceremony of honoring the winners was attended by: Tleubergen Shautai, Director, Government Affairs Department, Kuanysh Azhibekov, Deputy Chairperson of the Board of Governors, Finance issues, Bakhyt Mukasheva, Chairman of the Trade Union Committee.

Tleubergen Shautai, in his congratulatory speech, stressed that sports victories not only reveal the strongest, but also demonstrate a strong corporate spirit. “Congratulations to the participants of the sports contest dedicated to the professional holiday of oil workers! You have given everyone a real holiday; you have shown what PetroKazakhstan employees can be like. No matter how hot the tournament passions were, an atmosphere of friendship prevailed at all sports grounds during the games”, he noted.

According to the results the winner of the Winner’s Cup and the winner of the Olympics-2022 was the team “Finance Department”, having scored 89 points in the standings according to the results of the entire competitive season, 9 points ahead of the silver and bronze medalists.  

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